Saturday Update 33/34: Eight Months Later

BirthdayMoney wise this has been my most profitable month. I made a little more than $400, most of them coming from oDesk and Elance jobs. In no way I consider this to be a success. It’s been exactly eight months now since I started my online adventure. I certainly haven’t succeeded. So have I failed? Is it the end? Am I destined to make it? Have the people voting “loser has no chance” chose the right option in my poll? Well, my morale isn’t that great. I went up to an average 60 uniques at the beginning of this month. Now, I am back at 30. Oddly enough, Google Webmaster Tools shows that my traffic is going up and Analytics shows that it’s going down. Honestly, I don’t understand this… My AdSense has never been as good as this month. My SEMRush value increased from 16 to 72 (now, as of writing this it’s 68). If I compare my impressions today to what they were in October (over 2000 a day versus 90 a day), it’s pretty evident that my stats are going up not down, but they are going up very slowly. In fact, at this rate, before getting enough cash to make a living online I will likely…be dead. So, have I failed?

No, I Haven’t Failed (Even Though I Feel Like I Did)

Let me take a look back at what I did in the past eight months:

  • Month 1 – July 2013: Bought the domain, tested out a few things (eg. Free hosting), set up the basic structure of the site and wrote my first few articles. First go at Yahoo Answers.
  • Month2 – August 2013: Done some silly SEO (hunt for edu links and Comment LUV blogs), tried some web hosts, started writing my Web Hosting Guide. Second go at Yahoo Answers.
  • Month 3 – September 2013: Continued writing the Web Hosting Guide.
  • Month 4 – October 2013: Rant on Warrior Forum, continued and finished the web hosting guide and started doing some serious SEO (links from forums and guest blogging). Third go at Yahoo Answers.
  • Month 5 – November 2013: Kept doing more SEO (more forums and guest blogging), published a few new articles. Had a go at domaining. MES stats started going up. Also, had a go at Facebook Ads with no success.
  • Month 6 – December 2013: This month was characterized by me making a really big deal about being banned from a forum for no f**king reason, and my abusive father accusing me of lying regarding the way he treated me as a child. Didn’t do much for the business other than very little SEO and writing a few articles. This is when I feel things started going really downhill.
  • Month 7 – January 2013: Had a go at oDesk and Elance. Found a job to make a little amount of money. The plan is to invest this in the business. Did a little guest blogging and forum promotion.
  • Month 8 – February 2013: This was mostly spent working on oDesk and Elance. Had another go at Yahoo Answers too, without much success. Also started preparing stuff to conquer YouTube!

Taking a look at the whole picture, I feel that I did very little to get to where I wanted. It’s not that I failed, but rather that I haven’t tried hard enough. Two things I think I did great were learning SEO better in October/November and getting the job on oDesk and Elance to get a little amount of capital to invest. I will say it once more, risking to sound like an old silly cliché: you need money to make money. Thinking that you can set up a business without spending a dime in 2014, considering how tough things have become, is like trying to put down Godzilla with a small rock. You can’t.

Rather than focusing on investing my money in my main business, however, I am going to try something else. Investing in other money making methods, such as domaining, website flipping, selling eBooks, ranking YouTube videos, Facebook ads, mailing list building… If I can transform those $400/80 hours a month into $800/80 hours or $400/40 hours that will be a huge step forward because I will have either twice as much money or twice as much time to invest in my business. There is so much that I can still do, so many things that I can try before throwing in the towel. In the end, I am quite confident that, if I follow my plan, I will definitely make it. The real problem is how long that will take. When you are eighteen years old, you have all the time in this world to conquer Google, not so much when you are XX years old…
Speaking of Which…

It’s My Birthday!

BTW I forgot to tell you guys that Tuesday is my birthday. It’s a day I hate and have always hated. When I was a little kid my father would sit with me and look over my academic accomplishments during the past year. The conversation would invariably end with him saying that I was a failure and that I was “as crazy as my mother.” Whenever I think about how cruel my father has been with me, when I was a child, I can’t figure how in the world he can claim that I made all this stuff up, and that he has always been a loving and caring father. The truth is that when people mess up (and ruining the life of your own child is a huge mess up!), they tend to revise history. It’s much easier to make up in your head and live with the fact that your crazy, demented wife talked badly about you with your son and he “erroneously” believes that you are a monster than admitting to yourself that you used a fragile five year old kid to vent your anger on because of your disastrous marriage, that you’ve been really a monster and that the only person in the world to blame for the poor relation you have with your son is no one other than yourself. Well, at any rate, let’s see what happens next Tuesday! I have a feeling that my father will ruin the day for me again, as per tradition. He loves ruining my birthdays more than the air he breathes!

Even if he doesn’t, Tuesday will be a very hard day for me. I hate getting older. I really hate it and it makes me feel depressed and sad. It has been this way since I was twenty years old (and that has been … let’s say a few years ago). And there are other things that I am thinking about, and which I am not sharing in public, that are making me feel very sad.

Yes, I guess being so sad affects my work very badly. There isn’t much I can do right now for that. I can only keep working and go on my path. Time will tell what happens. I have a feeling that March could well be a turning point for my business. Let’s see what happens!

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