Create Backlinks That Deliver Results With Market Samurai

3. Generate your results. You can either ‘spy‘ on the top ten results in Google or you can add a custom URL to get backlinks from. The custom URL can be any Web page, even one that isn’t related to the keywords.

0customURL4. Type the site URL and click on ‘Add URLs‘.


5. Click on the arrow at the side of the domain name in the list of generated results. The links menu will appear. Click on ‘Anchor Text Analysis‘ or ‘Citation Flow Analysis‘.

0createbacklinks6. Examine the link profile for the Web site and use suitable entries to create backlinks to your own site. You can switch between ‘ Anchor Text Analysis‘ or ‘Citation Flow Analysis‘ to get more quality backlinks to choose from.


This sounds easy, but I’ll be honest with you and tell you straight and plain that it isn’t! For most of the sites that you will examine, the link profile will be confusing; sometimes full of junk; on many occasions completely useless for SEO link building. It took me some time to learn to use this feature of Market Samurai correctly, but this is your lucky day because I am saving you the trouble and giving you my little blue print.

RULE#1 Use medium competition keywords. You don’t need to spy on Web sites competing directly with your own site. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Pick sites that are in your niche but not necessarily ranking for your keywords. For example, in step (1) in the little tutorial above, I shouldn’t have used the keywords ‘money earning sites‘. It would have been much smarter to check out ‘create a blog‘ or ‘best domain name registrar‘. Why, you will ask?Money Earning Sites‘ is a low competition keyword. Most of the sites ranking for it will be using Black Hat techniques to rank on Google, hence they won’t provide the kind of quality backlinks we are after. High competition keywords such as ‘create Web site‘ will bring up sites that mostly have backlinks from authority sites. These are links which the average ‘new guy in town‘ won’t have access to. And that leaves medium competition keywords as our primary target. These will have a link profile filled with quality backlinks that are accessible, provided we’re willing to do some work to obtain them. Aim at Web sites with a traffic of about 1000-10000 visitors per day. You can check whether a keyword is low, medium or high competition with a keyword tool. And guess what? You have one at your finger tips! 🙂 To check the blog’s traffic you can use

RULE#2 Don’t steal pianos and fridges! In other words don’t bother with link profiles that will not pro-actively help you create backlinks for your site. You will always come across three kinds of backlink profiles. First, filter out the links coming from blog commenting. This is a method I tried to use a few times to improve my SERPS. Neither Do Follow, nor No Follow blog comments will help. Stop wasting your time looking for commentluv enabled blogs. I was told that, when I started experimenting with this method. I didn’t listen and I lost a lot of time for nothing. Anyway, once you have filtered out the links from blog commenting you are left with three kinds of links: a) Paid links, b) Garbage and c) Pure gold. We’re not interested in link profiles with paid links, such as sites containing all Russian text with links in the footer to various blogs totally unrelated to each other. Paid links can be a bit tougher to spot in some cases, but after visiting ten or twenty links in the profile, a pattern will start showing up. You will realize that all the links, which the particular Web site has, couldn’t possibly have been acquired from the source, unless they have been paid for. ‘Garbage‘ is when a profile has nothing but links to Yahoo Answers, forum profiles and very poor sites. These will not help a new Web site’s ranking. They may even cause some harm. The third type of link profile is what we’re looking for. These will contain links to guest posts, high quality forums, great Web 2.0 sites and heavily moderated and high quality link sharing sites. Those are the links which we want for ourselves. If you see that a link profile for one Web site doesn’t contain many of these links, don’t bother hunting for more of them in that site’s profile. It’s unlikely that you fill find any. The site’s owner, obviously doesn’t believe in quality backlinking. Instead, move to the next Web site, until you find one that suits your needs.

RULE#3 Don’t rely on Keywords Alone! If you read an article from someone who is a genius in the art of creating backlinks to his Web site, take note of his URL, feed it to Market Samurai and analyze his link profile. This is actually the best way to find great sources for backlinks. Again, you will not want to go ask the big guy in town, such as the SEO expert who has one hundred and fifty aged domains to create backlinks from. It’s unlikely that you will be able to follow his footsteps and do the exact same thing he does to create backlinks. Of course, giving it a try never hurts but don’t get too frustrated, if you don’t manage to get the results you’re hoping for. Instead, try someone who knows what he is doing, but who is not some Internet superstar with resources that the average blogger doesn’t have and can’t obtain.

If you follow all of these three rules, you should be able to get quality backlinks for your Web site in no time. You can and should pair this method with others such as guest blogging or dead links, both of which, honestly, didn’t help me much at this stage. I’ll update you, when they do deliver me some results. After all I’ve doing this for only a month.

clipAn Example Of a Backlink I Created With This Method

By spying on the first ten results in Google search for ‘create a blog‘, I discovered a site I didn’t know existed. I am not going to mention the site’s name. This is a site where you can link to your own articles or others found on any Web site. You can get links, traffic and feedback, without the need to write any new content. This site is heavily moderated. Only a small percentage of your content can be your own articles and you need to verify your Twitter and Facebook accounts to register. Any and all articles linked must be high quality and be somehow related to a specific niche. Luckily for me, I have several articles connected to that topic and I plan to write many more soon. If you decide to go for quality links like these, please respect the sites’ rules and add only relevant content. The better the quality of the content you post the better the quality of the links and hence the more exposure you will receive.

I cannot go into more details about the backlinks I create since many webmasters do not like their properties being associated with backlinks. Honestly I do not understand this since every marketer has backlinks in mind when they post on line. What is important is the quality of the contribution that one provides, in the end. Actually I would have more respect for someone posting on my site adding high-quality content with a backlink in mind than someone posting nonsense because they have nothing better to do. I do however provide a list of my links in Linkz where there is more privacy. So if you want to know more about my SEO strategies, subscribe to my newsletter. If you are looking for your own links or links in a different niche, try buying Market Samurai. It’s the cheapest way you can get a valid backlink finder for a reasonable one-time fee. Good luck, and please let me know how you’re doing in the comments below and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need any! I will be glad to contact you by email or Skype and help you achieve the same results I obtained.

2 thoughts on “Create Backlinks That Deliver Results With Market Samurai

  1. Hi Arthur,

    Nice tip for using Market Samurai to sneak some more backlinks using Majestic SEO, something I completely missed and I’ve had the software for years!

  2. Hey, Jamie! Thanks for stopping by. I am an avid reader of your blog and I am subscribed to your newsletter too.

    I have tried many SEO techniques since I began. Many of these didn’t get me any results or they made me sink to the bottom of the SERPS; others are way too expensive ($100 a month). Market Samurai’s SEO competition tool has proved to be the way to go so far. The backlinks one can extract using this technique are endless.

    The important thing to get valid results is to target the right websites: Ones that aren’t too trafficked, nor too low in quality, and preferably sites that rely on white hat methods.

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