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createbacklinksToday, I am going to introduce you to some link building software that will create backlinks, which will truly help you rank a lot better in Google and in a relatively short period of time too. But before venturing into the world of SEO link building, let’s take a step back and recap what happened on this site so far. My plan for monetizing this website is that of developing a high quality macro site. For my definition of ‘macro site‘, take a look at this article. To see what I mean exactly when I say ‘high quality‘, check out the PEACE method, that I describe fully here. Basically, it’s all about creating sites with passion, effort, action, competence and effectiveness! This is the spirit I created The Money Earning Sites Central with. As of writing this article, the site is now four months and three days old, but for the first three months, I decided to focus all my efforts on adding high quality content to the site. My aim was to please both the users, who might stumble here, as well as the Google Panda algorithm. There are fifty three articles on the site at this time, sixteen of them being my weekly diary and another fifteen making up my Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. For the first three months, I did little to no SEO backlink building. Things have changed in the past month, since I decided to allow myself sometime to create quality backlinks and see how it goes. Actually, I didn’t spend that much time on backlink building; only seven working days in a whole month. The results? I quadrupled the number of impressions that this site has ever had. It’s not that Money Earning Sites has suddenly become an authority blog. I am still very far from getting where I want to be. The great thing, however, is that my rankings are improving every day, with only a handful of quality backlinks created. For some keywords, I moved from page three to page one of Google. For others, I moved from page eight to page two. And for some tougher ones, where I was nowhere to be found previously, I am now on page five. As far as the extra tough keywords for Web hosting go, I am still unclassified. But I have just begun the work! This graph, which I got directly from the Google Webmaster Tools shows a clear upward trend and continuous improvement of my SERPS.

googleimpressionsWhen I began to create backlinks, the site was receiving anywhere from zero to twenty impressions per day. It was basically dead. After a month of backlink building, I have reached five hundred impressions per day. What did I do to achieve these results? I am going to describe step by step what I did, however I will not be providing the exact backlinks which I created. Posting them publically for anyone to see is a bad idea for a number of reasons. If you want my same exact backlinks, join my free newsletter:

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I only send an update every once in a while. You’ll likely not hear from me for months so don’t worry about spam. I don’t send any and I totally condemn the practice of list swapping. In the newsletter, I am much more free to say anything that needs to be said and I am always glad to share my little gems with my subscribers. For the time being, let’s get back to my method for quality backlinks. Basically, I did three things to improve my SERPS:

  • Some of my articles were over-optimized for SEO, so I removed a few keywords here and there.
  • I built a Web 2.0 site linking to my Web site.
  • I used Market Samurai to spy on my competitors and ‘steal’ some of their links.

I will go over the first two of these methods to create backlinks in other articles, when the time is right. The first could have affected only the keywords ‘money earning sites‘ and I am sure it did. As regards the second method, I have yet to finish the site. Google already indexed it but I doubt that the little information I posted has helped my SERPS in any way. That leaves the third method I used to get backlinks as the one that’s largely responsible for the drastic improvement I noticed. It’s also the one method that I used to create backlinks that helped me get a considerable number of them. Let’s get to the meat of this technique.

Technique To Create Backlinks With Market Samurai

Many of you will know Market Samurai as a great tool to use, for performing keyword research. It’s the first application that I ever bought to help me with my online money making endeavors. And I’ll never regret getting it. What you may not know is that Market Samurai also makes up for a great alternative, to other online tools for spying on the competition and ‘stealing’ their backlinks. The application uses the MajesticSEO API to provide you with up to a thousand backlinks for every Web page. Yes, I said Web page not Web site. This is a very high amount of quality backlinks that we can uncover and take for ourselves quite easily, most of the time. Sure there are other services, that let you do this. You can subscribe to MajesticSEO themselves for instance, but here is what that would cost you:

majesticseoThe cheapest plan which they offer is priced at $50 per month. I would have paid $250 for their service alone, had I subscribed when I started out. In a year, that is $600. They offer a free service too, but it is limited to ten results per Web site. And that’s definitely not enough to find any quality backlinks. Market Samurai only costs $97 and it’s a onetime fee, that provides us with an application powerful enough to create backlinks that truly matter! And it’s very simple too.

1. First open Market Samurai and create a new project with the keywords you’re interested in.


2. Go to the SEO competition module.


2 thoughts on “Create Backlinks That Deliver Results With Market Samurai

  1. Hi Arthur,

    Nice tip for using Market Samurai to sneak some more backlinks using Majestic SEO, something I completely missed and I’ve had the software for years!

  2. Hey, Jamie! Thanks for stopping by. I am an avid reader of your blog and I am subscribed to your newsletter too.

    I have tried many SEO techniques since I began. Many of these didn’t get me any results or they made me sink to the bottom of the SERPS; others are way too expensive ($100 a month). Market Samurai’s SEO competition tool has proved to be the way to go so far. The backlinks one can extract using this technique are endless.

    The important thing to get valid results is to target the right websites: Ones that aren’t too trafficked, nor too low in quality, and preferably sites that rely on white hat methods.

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