Create a Blog in 60 Seconds for Free on Site5

8. If you have chosen to purchase your domain through Site5, you will need to pay for your domain with Paypal. Otherwise, if you followed my advice and bought the domain from Namecheap, you will need to point your domain to your new hosting account. Here is what you need to do exactly, if you haven’t already completed the procedure when you bought the domain. Take note, that changes may take up to 48 hours to take effect. This happens with any host or domain registrar. Sometimes the changes are instantaneous. In the meantime, you can continue to configure your blog, .

9. In a few minutes, you will receive your activation email from Site5. If you’re really in a hurry (like I was when I opened my account), just hit the live chat button and ask them to activate your account. A friendly customer service representative will make your account live immediately. Once your account is activated, click on “Client Login” from the homepage and log in with the email and password you’ve chosen during registration.


10. Welcome to the Backstage! Now, go to Site Admin, hit select and click on your domain name.

Enter Site5 Backstage

11. You are now connected to Site5’s cpanel. There’s a lot you can do from here, but for our purposes, scroll down to the section that says software/services and click on Web Apps.

One click script install

12. You will be presented with a list of applications that you can install with the click of a button. Supposing you want your site to be a blog, first click on WordPress and then hit Install Now.

Installing WordPress

13. The Site5 installer will now ask you for a few details to configure your blog. I have marked the ones that should be changed in pink. I recommend you to change the table prefix to anything other than the defaults value (your name or the name of your pet). This helps protecting your site from hackers. Give a name to your site and a short description. Then choose a username, password and email for the admin account. This is the account you will use to login to WordPress to customize the appearance of your blog and post your articles. Type your email address under Recipient. A copy of the information for your new blog will be sent to that address.

Configure Blog

14. The installation details for your blog will be provided. The URL (such as is where you will access the actual blog. Admin URL (such as is where you log in to the control panel of your WordPress site by using the admin username and admin password.

Blog Details

15. That’s it! Your new blog is ready! Remember, if you purchased your domain name from Namecheap, it may take sometime before the domain starts pointing to your web host. Otherwise, you should be able to visit your blog by typing your domain name in the browser’s address bar.

Blog Ready

Of course, you will now want to customize the look of your blog, add some pages, a menu and start writing posts. Keep an eye on Money Earning Site’s Blogging Tutorials, where we will be covering all these topics as well as adding some neat tips and tricks to make the most out of your blogging experience.

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