Create a Blog in 60 Seconds for Free on Site5

4. You will be asked if you want to upgrade to a Host Pro + Turbo. Just click NEXT here.

Turbo Option

5. Here you will choose a domain. If you already have your own domain click on “Use a domain name you already own” and make sure (important!) to type the domain name correctly. If you want Site5 to purchase a domain on your behalf choose “Register a New Domain”. Again, I do not recommend doing this. When done, click NEXT.

Domain Name

6. Insert your information into the form and pick up Paypal as your payment option, so that you will not need to provide credit card details to complete your purchase (unless you’re ordering your domain from Site5). Hit NEXT when done.

Contact Info

7. Review all the information and make sure that it is valid or your order will be denied. Make sure to check “I Agree” under “Service Agreement” and then hit “Click To Complete Your Order“.

Order Complete

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