Create a Blog in 60 Seconds for Free on Site5

Create a BlogMany affiliate marketers and hosting review sites will insist that you buy a package from their preferred web host provider, because they are tailor made for WordPress and you can setup your blog in 60 seconds, if you chose THEIR favorite host for your site. Well… Ladies and Gentlemen, the truth is you can do that with any host even the crappy free ones that are always down and run at the speed of a tortoise. Hosts aren’t “optimized for WordPress” and there is no such thing as a “WordPress Host“. It’s the guys at who have optimized their application to run in any good hosting environment. When it comes to choosing your host, choose based on performance, as that is what you truly need to grow your business: granting your visitors the best possible browsing experience. Site5‘s performance is unmatched by any other shared web host that I have tested and that is why I host my website with them. And yes, you definitely can have a blog up and running on Site5 in less than sixty seconds! I will show you how in a moment. But I want to make it clear that you don’t need to buy an account from Site5 to follow this guide. Most hosts will have these features available too. And even if you choose to go with Site5, you will not be buying anything anyway! Because Site5 offers you thirty days of free top quality hosting to test their service. Try now pay later, unlike all other hosts that ask you to pay for years of hosting in advance when signing up and then taking a paid trial.

Getting a Domain Name

In order to get hosting from any provider you need a domain name. Most hosts, including Site5, offer you the option to purchase the domain while signing up for a hosting package. Take note that, if you go that route, your domain will be under the control of your host. I highly discourage you from taking this choice and recommend you to get your domain from Namecheap. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do that again in less than a minute. If you wish to get your domain from the host, you can still follow this guide easily. Take note, that in any case, domain names aren’t free and you will need to pay with your credit card or Paypal account for it.

Getting Your Blog Up in 60 Seconds with Site5

1. Go to the Site5 webpage and hover over “Web Hosting“, then pick “Shared Web Hosting” from the drop down menu.


2. In order to take advantage of one month of free Hosting and try out Site5 before you even think about taking out your credit card, you need to choose either the Host Pro or Host Pro Turbo packages. Once your trial period is over, you will have the option to pick any package you wish, by making a request to customer service. I have chosen the Host Pro package here. Click on Order Now, when done.

Choose Hosting Package

3. Pick the server that is closest to your target audience not to your physical location. For example, I live in Malta but my audience is mainly in the USA so I picked the default Dallas server. Choosing any different server will incur a $1 fee per month. Make sure to choose either the HostPro or HostPro + Turbo plan. Pick one month as the term length (this is important or the system will tell you that a free trial isn’t available). Use the coupon code FREETRIAL and hit NEXT when you’re done. Note: when your free trial is over you will be able to switch to any plan and term length you wish.

Setting Up Free Trial

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