Nov 20

Passive and Active Income: PTR and Why You Need Both To Succeed Online

passiveactiveWhat is this site about? Building and monetizing Web Sites, of course. Irrespectively of the site’s size, this method of generating an income online is considered by most to be a passive one. Put together a Web site, have it rank in Google for some competitive keyword and wait for people to click on your advertisements and affiliate links. As long as the site stays ranked, it will keep generating money without the webmaster having to lift a finger. That is a big if, however. Even if a site gets ranked number one in Google, that does not mean that it is going to stay there forever especially in today’s search engines’ environment. Frequent updates, article writing, SEO, advertising, public relations and many more tedious tasks come into mind; they turn that “without lifting a finger” into a mere modern-age utopia. As such, this is not such a great definition of “passive income,” so it is best to seek another one. If we turn to the biggest expert in the field, Pat Flynn, we get this one: Passive income is income generated without trading time for money. This is unquestionable a much better definition, but one that does not convince me. Pat himself admits having very busy work days, and I am myself so exhausted that I would gladly sink into my bed and sleep for three consecutive days. On the other hand, when I was earning bread and butter on eBay, I was able to make a great deal of money without spending more than a few hours every day on the job, so I was trading very little time in exchange for cash. But no one would even dream of calling that “passive income“. Instead of using time as a means of distinguishing between active and passive income, I would rather use their “Power To Recur.” Censored

Dec 17

A List of Web Sites For Earning Money

The Money Earning Sites Central is about creating real profitable businesses with no revenue limits. In other words, it is about you building your own money-earning Web site. Many come here, however, seeking third-party sites where they may earn a buck or two to supplement their off-line income. Hence, I have compiled a huge list of Web sites, where anyone can earn some spare cash, or even replace a monthly income. Take note that I am not recommending each and every site on the list. I have not used all of these sites myself. It is up to you to check them out. The sites listed can be divided into two categories: Sites where users earn money with their skills and sites that pay anyone for monkey-work. An example of the first category would be a site that pays freelance artists for completing specific artistic tasks. Sites that pay users to search, watch videos or like Facebook pages would fall into the second category. Be careful with these kind of sites because one, normally, would have to do an insane amount of work and get paid a few pennies. The best way to make money online is to build your own website that can earn you up to five or six figures a month, if done right. Accomplishing such a task takes a lot of time, patience and effort, so, if you are in a hurry, one of the recommended sites below can help fatten some wallets. I have not included a third category in the list—affiliate sites such as Amazon, Clickbank, Google AdSense and similar sites. One needs a Web site to make money with affiliate marketing, and that topic is covered extensively in full in many other areas of The Central.


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Jan 21

Legal affiliate: Defend your interest and make money online

lawAs a legal affiliate, you must be following a simple principle – helping consumers know about their right when they’re encountering harsh debt collection tactics. However, before you could help others to successfully get out of debt through online money making, it is important for you as well to work cautiously. Click Here to Read More

Feb 13

The Guide to Building a Mailing List that Rocks! (And Use it to Bring in Profits)

build a newsletterWe hear it all the time: “If you want to make money online you need to have a mailing list.” How true is that? Well, I don’t believe that making a good deal of money online without a mailing list is as impossible as some claim, but having one can definitely help out with the task at hand. In the end, a mailing list is like a bachelor’s black book. An attractive young man will not need one to find a girl. He can go out and “sell” himself easily, but having a handy list of chicks, all potentially interested at what he has to offer, can make things much easier and ensure success. While I don’t have a gigantic mailing list with tens of thousands of contacts, my list has been quickly growing in the past two months. I decided it’s time to share my list-building techniques with you, and, since I am also subscribed to many mailing lists— a few good ones and many useless crappy spam—, I also want to tackle the subject from a buyer’s perspective. That is way more important than the techniques themselves. Provided you can drive enough traffic to your sign-up form, it is easy to convince people to subscribe to your newsletter when you’re offering free cash, but if you promise them an $100 bonus, and fail to deliver, you’ll be losing their trust. This means that it will be very unlikely that any of them will actually purchase your products, share your articles or even check out your latest tutorial. I am going to show you how to build a list first, and then I will explain what you should, and shouldn’t do with it, once you have it in your hands! Click Here to Read This Epic Post

Apr 02

Do You Need a Mentor or a Better Analysis of Your Business? My Outrageous Response Deleted on Warrior Forum by the Mods!

mentoringLast week, I was on the Warrior Forum and came across an intellectually stimulating discussion. Since it was starting to get heated up the mods decided to delete the thread. They didn’t have much choice, I guess. I did bring in some of that heat to it myself, so I hope that the opener accepts my apologies for causing him so much trouble. Anyhow, the guy wants a mentor, but he proposed to pay in monthly installments according to the progress he makes. Needless to say, his reasonable request caused an outrage from all the gurus on the forum. “What? You want to pay for the results? Man, anyone knows that we’ll just give you a pat on the back and you WILL NOT get any results with us! Pay us beforehand a good grand or two. None of us wants to lose our time with ya!” Well, although I used quotation marks, that’s not exactly what they said, but a lot of blah, blah, blah aside, that was the clear and unequivocal message that could be clearly read in between the lines of their responses. To which I replied like this: