Aug 01

How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

No to Fast Money ScamsWhat is the first thing you did when the idea of earning some cash through the Internet first popped into your head? I went to Google, and asked my favorite search engine how can I make money fast. The first ten results were all get rich quick schemes. That was way back in January of this year. Today, thanks to the very recent Panda update, the search results for the term ‘make money‘ appear more legitimate than the rubbish that was available at the time. Panda is the Google algorithm that rewards good quality Web sites and penalizes those with poor or deceitful content.

If you want to get an idea of the results I got through Google in January, you can search ‘how to make cash quickly’ on Youtube. There is still plenty of rubbish over there. If you do that, I urge you to read the whole of this article before you experiment with any of those methods. You will be surprised; the only people who benefit from those kind of get rich quick schemes are the ‘money-making gurus’ who are behind them. In this article, I am going to try to expose some of their tactics particularly who their schemes are aimed at, the marketing techniques they use and some of the different types of get rich quick scams which they advertise. This write up is aimed mostly at beginners and its purpose is to help them spot out these scams and avoid them.
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Aug 02

How to Get an EIN through the IRS Phone Number Method

Uncel SamIf you live outside the US and want to engage in Internet Marketing, you will definitely need an EIN. This tutorial will show you a little hundred-percent-legal trick, straight from the IRS, to get an EIN in a few minutes and with little effort. This method only applies to international users who need an EIN for affiliate marketing. It does not work under any other circumstances. EIN stands for employer identification number, and is required by law to work as an affiliate for companies located in the USA. I am not going into what an EIN exactly is or why is it required, because I myself do not really know, nor care. Despite the name, you do not need to have any employees working for you or your company to get this number. It is basically a number that identifies you as an entity, and which companies you work for as an affiliate can quote on their tax returns. Some companies like Bluehost are very strict in requiring their affiliates to provide a valid EIN; others will ask you for it before they issue a payment, and a few will totally ‘forget’ to ask for one. To avoid missing out on some great business opportunities, you need to get an EIN. Note that having an EIN does not mean that you have to pay any taxes associated with it from any of your affiliate sales. The best way to get one is to phone the IRS and request it. Do not let this put you down! I give you my word that it is very easy. And I am giving away a little secret that will enable you to get one in less than twenty minutes without mailing anything or waiting for any documents to show up in the mail. The way to do it is to use Skype to call the IRS phone number (Internal Revenue Service). They have left me waiting on hold for ten minutes. On a normal land line, that would have cost me an arm and a leg. With Skype, I spent forty-seven cents! So Skype is highly recommended.
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Sep 07

A Trick to Get Instantly Approved for the Top Affiliate Programs

top affiliate programsThis week I got approved for three top affiliate programs for companies that have a reputation for being extremely selective with prospective affiliates. In one case, I was contacted by the guy in charge of approving new affiliates within minutes after finalizing my application. Do you have issues getting approved as an affiliate, yourself? If the answer is yes, read on! As marketers who want to bring value to the Internet, we want to be reasonably cautious regarding which companies we promote. I am making it a rule for myself to participate only in top affiliate programs such as Site5 and Market Samurai.These are two products which I literally enjoy promoting. Not as much for the commissions I get, but for another reason. I have personally found these two products extremely useful to me. I know that if anyone buys them based on my recommendation, they will likely be extremely happy with them too. My reputation is everything to me, since I think big. And I know that I’ll never manage to make this site the number one authority in the make money niche, if I don’t treat my visitors with the respect which they deserve. This is why I don’t want to enroll myself in mediocre schemes, such as the many that can be found on Clickbank nowadays. I only want to take part in the top affiliate programs with products that will enrich the lives of those who buy through my affiliate links. But it takes two to tango! The companies that run the best affiliate marketing opportunities on the Internet are equally selective, as much as I am. They want to deal with reputable marketers who have a great deal of traffic to their website and since I just started up, I don’t have much of that. Nonetheless, I managed to get approved in all three cases, without trying to cheat on my traffic! How did I do it? Well, I used a little trick and, of course, I am going to share it with you, guys!
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Nov 05

The Final Chapter: Making Money With Web Hosting

makemoneyThis article is meant to serve as a conclusion to the Ultimate We Hosting Guide. Hosting is one of the most lucrative online industries. Web hosting related keywords are among the ten most expensive ones on Google AdWords. This means, on the one hand, that making a good amount of cash from Web hosting is pretty simple, even for a complete beginner. On the other hand, the competition is fierce. I’ve been publishing articles and tutorials about Web hosting for almost two months now. That’s a pretty long time. My site is about earning money with Web sites and not hosting providers. Sure, a good Web host is a must have, to make a money earning Web site work the way it should. A slow, unresponsive host will scare away potential leads and buyers. But beyond that, can we profit from Web hosting by creating themed money earning sites? Before answering this question, let me point out that I will only be discussing the Web hosting industry from one point of view here, and that is the one of an affiliate partner. It’s possible to profit from Web hosting also as a reseller and, of course, setting up your own Web hosting company. The latter is obviously the most laborious task to try and achieve. I touched upon it in chapter one of this guide and I won’t go into it any further.
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Nov 12

What Would I Do If I Had A Time Machine; Introducing Two Ways For You To Get a Money Earning Site Today!

Time Runs ByWhat would you do if you had a time machine at your disposal? So many things come to mind; the possibilities are endless. If I had to choose one and only one thing, that would be giving a huge hug to someone whom I lost, and will likely never see again. Beyond that, there are many less noble uses I would exploit time travel for. How about going ten years in the past and betting a few dollars on popular sport events? Well, always provided that doesn’t make me vanish from existence, as was the case with Biff Tannen, when he did exactly the same thing. I won’t blame you, if you don’t remember this scene from Back to the Future. The short sequence, showing Biff dissolving into nothing, was a deleted scene, deemed too violent for the final cut. Putting the brains of an Internet marketer at work, there are so many things I can think of. I am not talking about the obvious ones: buying Google and Facebook shares, buying domains with the names of soon to be Hollywood Stars, befriend the guys who are top bloggers today and use the massive amount of information I would have to my advantage. Don’t Regret Tomorrow What You Don’t Do Today