Apr 26

Saturday Update 41/42: Talking to Myself

Talking to MyselfI am tired. I am very tired and a bit depressed. The past two weeks have been a lot of work but very little results. I am honestly tired of working and seeing no improvement. On the contrary, my website stats have gone down, and things look very dull for me. I don’t think I will be able to sell the first two domains I got ($50 wasted). That is because I totally ignored all the criteria one should follow to buy good ones, and instead bought PR0 domains with low DA and TF. I know that my business plan is solid, but I am not executing it well. What I mean is that I am confident that the strategy I devised could work, but I am not sticking to the plan as much as I should. I try to buy a domain and someone outbids me, or if they don’t the drop-catcher blocks my account, the registrar locks me up or my computer hangs up for three days when I try to download a website to it. There comes the panic! So yeah, it’s not that I “don’t know what I am doing”; it’s that I seem to be the most unlucky human being on planet Earth. And Today’s Rant Goes to