Feb 15

Saturday Update 31/32: Going Nowhere? Plus…More on my Evil Father

cycleofviolenceThese have been two very bad weeks one after the other. As time goes by, the state of my business seems to be totally stalled, and so is my life in general. After the very negative posts from December, I told myself to avoid being that negative again; I was obviously alienating my readers with that attitude. Here I am, however, complaining and contemplating again. I know many will run away and will not even read what follows. It’s a matter of fact that people want hope, want optimism, want nice, confident and smiling guys whom they can inspire from. But you know what? In all honesty, I am sick of going to other people’s blogs and reading how powerful their strategies are and how much success they are having when a little bit of insight from Market Samurai, Alexa, Quancast or SEMrush shows that they are doing worse than I am! S**t! Let me change that for once, and tell you something that is so rare to find in Internet marketing blogs: the truth. With Google labeling any link-building technique as black hat, webmasters so scared of them that they won’t give you a link even if you pay them and everyone on the web becoming more and more paranoid about spam, there is really nothing to be happy about. Starting a new business online with zero capital to invest is a thing of the past. That ship has long left the harbor, baby, and we missed the boat!
Rants, rants, rants…

Mar 01

Saturday Update 33/34: Eight Months Later

BirthdayMoney wise this has been my most profitable month. I made a little more than $400, most of them coming from oDesk and Elance jobs. In no way I consider this to be a success. It’s been exactly eight months now since I started my online adventure. I certainly haven’t succeeded. So have I failed? Is it the end? Am I destined to make it? Have the people voting “loser has no chance” chose the right option in my poll? Well, my morale isn’t that great. I went up to an average 60 uniques at the beginning of this month. Now, I am back at 30. Oddly enough, Google Webmaster Tools shows that my traffic is going up and Analytics shows that it’s going down. Honestly, I don’t understand this… My AdSense has never been as good as this month. My SEMRush value increased from 16 to 72 (now, as of writing this it’s 68). If I compare my impressions today to what they were in October (over 2000 a day versus 90 a day), it’s pretty evident that my stats are going up not down, but they are going up very slowly. In fact, at this rate, before getting enough cash to make a living online I will likely…be dead. So, have I failed? Short Analysis, Birthday, More Ranting…

Mar 15

Saturday Update 35/36: Go Daddy Sucks!

Go DaddySince I have started doing my updates bi-weekly, I feel as if I am not updating you on my progress often enough, however, I don’t feel like I have much to say. This week has been really uneventful. The past week has been way more exiting — nothing out of this world, but not as depressing as this last week. I really want to try website flipping as my next attempt to make money online. And before anyone says, “Stop starting up new things and instead try to finish what you have started! Blah Blah Blah…,” I just want to point out that after failing in flipping some domains, this was my planned step towards trying to monetize those same domains again. If the domains I got aren’t as valuable as I had been told, then the only sensible thing (other than trying to scam someone into thinking they are worth anything…which I will NEVER do), is to add value to them by doing SEO, building an actual site etc. Now, the point is I have to do that without spending too much time. I am sure that none of my domains is worth more than $100, so if it takes me like 10 days to empower them with value, I would be getting a really horrible deal. You Know What to Do

Mar 29

Saturday Update 37/38: A week ago…

SleepingFunnily enough I am writing this on Sunday. Almost a week before it’s going to be published. My week will be wholly spent working at my job, hence I had to prepare my articles a lot earlier than usual. Last one has been very hectic. I almost slept for three days. I was so trashed and in pieces that I couldn’t get out of bed and the reason was: Go Daddy. You guys know that I was buying domains to flip a few websites, hoping to have my present miserable $500 per month income replaced by something more tangible (and by doing a job that won’t stress my poor sick eyes that much). Aside from the fact that buying aged domains is way tougher than I could ever imagine, the idiots at Go Daddy flagged my account sending me a stupid email, wherein they said that they were afraid that I paid with STOLEN funds and that they were going to seize my domain, sell it to someone else and lock my account. I wish I could punch someone in the face so hard to make them bleed all over! Sadly, the only thing I could do was insult my poor mom and destroy an orange against a table, then go to sleep for about three days. That means that this week I will not have much to tell. I guess I will be yelling against Go Daddy some more, and talking about domaining and the Warrior Forum. But to start with… Read What Huggins Has To Say About My Most Annoying Week Ever

Apr 12

Saturday Update 39/40: it’s Time to Say Goodbye?

decisionsIt appears that many more people than I thought are reading me, and every now and then I get a message or two telling me that I am negative, that I lack self confidence, that I don’t know what I am doing, etc. I guess that is what I deserve for being honest. This site is not a sales letter for idiots. If it were, I would put something like “I am making $8000 a month in the Internet and I’ll show you exactly how, step-by-step how to the same for FREE!” then I would make fake Ad Sense and PayPal screenshots and a list a number of methods (that will not work) that people can use to make money. You can bet that lots of brainless folks will be there thanking me for being cool, and they would spend money on my products thinking that they can get “my same success”. On the other hand, I might also do like more honest people do. “I plan to create an authority site that will make me $30,000 a month in three months!!!!” Then after three months, making $19.08 per month I would go on saying something such as this: “Oh, well, something went a bit wrong, but I am sure I will reach my goal in three more months. I am so enthusiast about my project. Yippe! Yippe! Yeah! Yeah!
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