Dec 14

Saturday Update 23: Merry Christmas To Me!

Merry Christmas To Me!To say that I feel like sh*t would be an euphemism. This has been the worst week I have ever had since … what? Well, I think that I can compare it to the day I discovered that the operation that was performed on me made my eyesight even worse and I would have to quit drawing, or when I realized that my TGR page was destined to fail, or again when I was told that my mom was going to die. No, the last one was a lot worse, probably. I can’t compare it to the day I lost P. since the pain I felt at the time is indescribable and can’t be compared to anything else. Anyhow, if you’re not understanding what I am talking about, read the story of my life. I am not in the mood of linking to it, or anything else. So look for it. it’s somewhere on the site! There’s nothing interesting in this post that will help you out with your business, so you may as well skip it altogether. Of course, you can also read it and leave a comment below to tell me how negative, pathetic, dumb and whatever else I am. Go, ahead, humanity! I don’t expect any better from you. I have taken a brake from blogging, so there really isn’t much to share this week. Let’s begin! Listening To Sad Songs While Writing

Dec 28

Saturday Update 24/25: Domaining Scam, Eyesight Gone Wild, But still Happy Holidays, People!

farewellGood morning, everybody … or whatever time it is when you’re reading this. These have been some tough days for me, hence why the lack of updates and new content. I wish I could take better care of the site, but things are going downhill for me. Well, as they say … when the going gets tough the tough get going. Still, one also has to be realistic. As things stand now for me, there is little hope that I may manage to make it. After I got banned from that forum (in my past update from two weeks ago), I got depressed and unmotivated. However I was making it back on my feet. I went on with my plan to sell domains, registered on Sedo and Namepros, did a little SEO and wrote some articles for guest blogging (none of which were even acknowledged unfortunately). So let’s began with a recap of what happened this week! More Rants Here

Jan 11

Saturday Updates 26/27: The Money Earning Sites Central in 2014

My Father MonsterIt’s been a while since the last Saturday Update, and, quite possibly, many of my readers will be glad that I decided to take my time before posting a new one. The last few updates have been very doom and gloom. I have no issue admitting that. I have been very negative, sad and pessimistic; most likely, anyone who was thinking about a blogging career may have given up upon reading my last three rants. I don’t regret writing them though. I promised that I will be hundred percent honest with all readers of my blog, and by showing my true feelings I have kept up with that promise. Doing otherwise would make me no better than the thousands of fake, money-making gurus who are out there after our money. This project is nowhere near where I thought it would be six months after starting it out. That and several other issues I had during the holidays put me in a state of depression. A successful businessman’s job is to overcome obstacles, however, not to cry over his failures. It’s time to let go the mistakes of the past and look to the future. That is what I thought and what I started doing two weeks ago, after my last weekly update. Here is what I did in the past two weeks. Mysteries Revealed in This Update!

Jan 18

Saturday Update 28: I Found a Job.

Huggins SpeaksAnother week has passed by. Stuff has happened, not the great breakthrough that I was looking for, though. The week began with me applying for several translation jobs on oDesk and Elance. I also continued to do my thing on Yahoo Answers and Web Hosting Forums. Incidentally, I realized there that I may have an enemy! More on that later. One of my guest blogging articles was published and another person, to whom I sent an article for review, answered me, but in a most funny way. Later, I received a reply from one of the clients on oDesk. He required me to take a very tough test. It took me two days to complete it and I got paid $16… I also sold a hosting package and … well, now as I am writing a few articles for the Central, I got an email saying that I got hired to do the job. Is this something I should rejoice for? Let’s See!

Feb 01

Saturday Update 29/30: Progress with Money Earning Sites?

ImpresionsI guess it’s official that my weekly Saturday Updates have become my bi-weekly Saturday Updates. Right now I am focusing on getting a capital to use to promote my business. Some time ago, I wrote a post about 31 tips on how to create a profitable blog. Those tips are more of a “plan”, but one that I strongly believe in. The thing is that I haven’t yet placed a check mark besides each of them, yet. In fact, I would say I have tackled like half of them, and, since I wrote that article, I came up with ten or so new ones. I think the most important goal I have to reach, in the shortest time possible, is to get a capital. As such, I have to reduce the amount of SEO and new articles I forge out every week. Rather than writing two articles and one update per week, I will have to start creating the same quantity of new material once per fortnight. The thing is writing many articles isn’t helping me out. It’s not bringing in new contacts, and it’s not making me any money. I am stating to wonder how “important” it is creating “new fresh content” every day for a blog. But anyway, let’s recap the last two weeks! Ready for my Weekly Rants?