Nov 02

Saturday Update 17: SaleS, SEO Results, Contstant-Content, Domaining, Ultimate Web Hosting Guide

beerWARNING: ARTHUR WAS DRUNK WHEN HE WROTE THIS ONE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Hi, my loyal Greedies, a big hug full of love to all of you! And a middle finger to all those teddy bears who keep voting ‘This Loser Has No Chance.‘ If you’re following me closely, you know that being fake isn’t part of me and I don’t care if I look nice and gifted or mean and unprofessional, causing people to run away disgusted without buying my stuff. This is who I am and I won’t hide it to anyone, for the sake of ‘being liked by the big guys.’ It’s my damn blog, not an office! I am the kind of guy who punches you twice for every punch you give me. I would never start a fight or punch first or be mean with anyone for no reason. But if you’re mean with me and expect me to be nice with you, well, sorry, but you’ve knocked on the wrong door! Well, enough talking about these teddy bears and their unlovable manners. Let’s go back to my week, because a few things have happened. So let’s start with Sunday! Check Out My Incredible Week

Nov 09

Saturday Update 18: Thoughts On Rejection, Domaining, Spam and Captcha

introspectionIntrospection has been the one word that characterized my eighteenth week in online marketing. Most of you know and hate the fact that I use my Saturday Updates to rant, and that is because I have no money. However this week I have really very little to rant about. I am still not making money at all; considering all the medical bills I have to pay, that should be enough to warrant me a good one. Nonetheless the state of my business has improved so dramatically, that I am going to save you the drama. My impressions have skyrocketed, I moved to position sixteen in Google, got a very valuable link and my Web 2.0s, that I was sure would be deleted, are still were they should be. On top of that I am really loving domaining. Maybe there is one thing I can complain about. I am still missing Mr Huggins. I feel a bit like Batman without the Joker when that silly teddy is not around provoking me. Is Mr Huggins Really Gone?

Nov 16

Saturday Update 19: Site Redesign and Domaining

Site_RedesignThis hasn’t been a momentous week for my business, but somewhat of an earthquake for my personal life. I would love to share with my greedy nation the whole story, but I can’t. The reason is that if I did, things would get worse for me. After all this is a public place and anyone can read what I post here. I hope none of you are curious folks otherwise you risk being left dying out of curiosity; I am not going to elaborate any further. Last week I had been too optimistic with my predictions on my impressions. They seem to have peaked at 400. I predicted at least a 1000 based on the number of spam comments I had been getting. Still, 400 is my second best result ever. It sounds such as my impressions peak whenever my PEACE article is ranking for “money earning sites“. I say “when” because Google cycles that article with the homepage and my introduction for beginners. When PEACE is in charge, I rank on page 2, the homepage, for a moment today, was on page 1 position 9. The introduction is always on page 3, which is where I am at now. I will be honest and admit that I don’t understand why Google does this. I am trying to keyword-optimize only one page for each set of search terms now to avoid this scenario. Of course, I can modify the beginner introduction and eliminate the keywords from it but I still won’t know how to deal with the homepage, which changes for every article I post. Any suggestions are welcome!

Mr Huggins Please Come Back!

Nov 30

Saturday Updates 20/21 — Welcome To The Money Earning Sites Central Version Two

welcomeHave you been wondering where I’ve been? No updates and no new articles for two weeks can mean that I gave up, perhaps. Since you’re all smart folks, however, I am sure that you noticed the all new site design. No, I didn’t give up. I was busy restructuring and renewing this site, whose name is now officially The Money Earning Sites Central. In my last Saturday update, I said that I was considering a revamp, but that I had no intention of doing it for the time being. Even a teddy bear should have noticed, by this time, that I changed my mind about it. Why is that? As mentioned in the past Saturday updates, I became very enthusiast about the concept of domaining; I applied everything I have been taught and… nothing at all happened. Getting anyone to notice, let alone buy my domains, looks like mission impossible to me! And I am quite positive that my domains aren’t worthless. For example, I have swaplinks (dot) org in my portfolio. The .com TLD is owned by Afternic, one of the biggest corporate level domainers. They are selling it for $120,000. Now, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will buy that domain for that kind of money and .org domains are only worth 25% of a .com. So my domain should be worth $30,000. Let’s say they sell it for only 10% of what they are asking for. If you are confused, the domaining industry works by corporate domainers setting very high prices for what are known as premium domains, and then the buyers making considerably lower offers. That still means $3000 for my domain. What am I actually asking for the it? $300, NEGOTIABLE. I would probably sell for $70-$80. How many people are interested in that? ZERO. That put me down. It wasn’t the only thing. I had a few issues with people I know in real life who stumbled upon my blog. But the coup de grace to my morale came from some idiot who deleted a link I was very fond of, which gave me a huge helping hand for the site’s SERPs. With the link gone, I lost my ranking on page two of Google for that keyword. In a moment of desperation, I opened a thread on the Warrior’s Forum stating that I was going to give up and hated Internet Marketing. Of course, it was only for five seconds. I quickly came back to my senses especially after reading the hundreds and hundreds of responses full of encouragement from the folks over there. My thread was the most popular of the week. But I needed a dose of reality. Look Who’s Back!

Dec 09

Saturday Update 22: Don’t Look if You Don’t Enjoy Reading **-Year Olds Bitching Like Cry-Babies.

sadteddybearMy first week with the new site started out on very positive notes. My traffic was going up. I was on page one of Google jumping up and down between the first and second place for the keywords ‘money earning sites‘, I made contact with a couple of people, a very cool guy in Internet Marketing asked to interview me. Not saying who he is because I believe he has a project that he wants to keep secret. When the interview is up, you’ll all know. Anyhow, I was feeling great and determined to make it, knowing that I must have done a few right things to get these great results. I also happened to make one sale for $70 and I was getting regular AdSense revenue in my account, nothing extraordinary–just pennies. However, I was really feeling like my site was finally catching up! YAY! Of course, you have noticed that this article is in the past tense. Three days ago, my site lost its rank in Google. First it dropped to number three, yesterday to number four and today I am back on page two at position thirteen! At this rate, in a few days, I will be back in the Sandbox. Just when I was feeling that I was breaking through, I am back to square one. There isn’t much I wish to add to this Saturday Update. I am both angry and sad. The rest of this report will be me bitching about Google, so if you don’t want to hear an old man crying over himself like a wimp, read one of my academic articles where bitching is strictly prohibited! Mr Huggins Went Partying