Aug 19

Saturday Update #6: Denied, Hosts Ordeal, We Build Your Blog, Site5, Google Mayhem and P.

Web Hosting Ordeal(Note: This Saturday update was indeed written on Saturday but I am publishing it today (Monday) due partly to the ordeal with the web hosts I had to go through last week and partly due to Saturday being the anniversary of me losing the most precious and dearest thing I ever had in my life, which filled my heart with sorrow again, as if it happened yesterday.)

Howdy Greddies, yeah from now onwards I will be calling you “Greddies“, simply because “greedy buddies” is too long so I decided that I will be fusing the two words together. 😛 Not much has been happening here apparently but behind the scenes a lot has been going on! The week started off with me writing an article to publish elsewhere, seeing that article rejected, trying to get a new host, discovering a hard truth about hosting, meeting another cool blogger, finding a great host and just minutes ago being sandboxed by Google!!! Damned Penguin! And finally today [Saturday] is the 17th August…:(
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Aug 25

Saturday Update #7: Google Hell! Air Conditioner, Profanity, Ultimate Hosting Guide


Once more, here comes my Saturday Update (again, a day late) and this will be the most depressing of them all. My site has been wiped out off Google. Why? I have no clue. Could be the so called honeymoon effect. Google Honeymoon Effect refers to a boost, which Google gives to new sites causing them to rank well for a few weeks, after they have been sandboxed. The idea is to allow some time to the new site to build traffic and get backlinks, but if it performs poorly it is sent back to the sandbox once more. This could well be what happened to Money Earning Sites. This week I did not work at all. Well… I put down together the article on overselling and non overselling hosts but one article in a week, during which I didn’t do anything else, is way too little!!! The sandbox really put me in a depressed and sad mode and I kinda just sit in front of the PC looking at my misery and thinking “Man, you’re a loser. You’ve always been a loser and you’ll keep being a loser. Other people make money online because they have the know how, especially in dealing with other human beings and facing problems. No one likes you, like an ex friend of yours once told you: you are socially retarded!“. Well that came from a worthless agglomeration of fetid meat and stinky liquid, who takes pride in insulting women and hitting their boyfriends as they protest or driving on the road completely drunk. So, who cares?
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Sep 01

Saturday Update #8: First on Yahoo and New Sale, Back on Google, Bad Time Management, Ultimate Web Hosting Guide, Personal Stuff

SaleFirst on Yahoo and New Sale

This week I got a pleasant surprise, when I found my site ranked number one on Yahoo, for my chosen keywords money earning sites. OK, it’s not Google but still being the number one makes me feel good. I got pushed back to number 4 on Wednesday but I am back to being the King of Money Earning Sites right now! Of course, that isn’t brining me any profits….actually, let me check…yep…right: zero profits… but whatever!

Yahoo also brought me more good stuff this week from a second affiliate sale that I made on Yahoo Answers, bringing my balance to +$56.12. OK, that’s not the kind of money I was hoping for, when I started this business but, hey, it’s a start. You may notice that I am no longer updating the status bar with my actual income every month. Several people have told me that I shouldn’t, because it’s the first thing people see when they visit my blog and, despite the humor there is to it, it just makes me look bad. I decided to be a little more cautious with whatever I post here. Some of you guys are total idiots (I am sorry but that’s it!), who will judge other people only from the money they make online. As if those who claim that they are making millions a month are always being honest. Anyway, because most of you are idiots who will never understand what I tried to explain in articles such as this one, this one, or this other one, I have come to the conclusion that before I manage to make something like $4000 per month no one is going to take me seriously. Click If You Want to Learn How I Spent My Time

Sep 08

Saturday Update #9: Air Conditioner, Back on Google, Galaxy Hosts, Ultimate Web Hosting Guide

teddybearsAir Conditioner

Give it up! You are not going to get the joke unless 1) you know I hate teddy bears to death and 2) you’re a fan of Dexter. Yeah, I am a huge fan of Dexter and by “fan” I mean I can’t wait to see that psycho turned into teddy bear meat! I am still watching season six so I have plenty to watch, before seeing Dexter get what he deserves. Anyway… Finally had my 13 year old air conditioner replaced. This new machine is filling everywhere with cold air. I got a sore throat and I know that I will catch a cold soon! Plus the humidity is still high which is so bad for my precious collectibles! 🙁 The old AC used to do a much better job in keeping the humidity low but it was completely broken so nothing I could do about it. I knew that this was going to be his last year. He served me well. Poor Jimmy! May he rest in peace! Well, I also lost much time due to this thing. The dudes who installed it took a day to do so and another day to clean up the mess they left behind them. Well, at least that’s in the past. I will turn on my portable dehumidifier hoping that it will decrease the humidity to at least 50% (now it’s 58-60%). If anybody has tips, let me know. I’ll give you a do follow link for it.
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Sep 21

Saturday Update #10/11: So Late, New Projects, Free Hosting Still Sucks, Ultimate Guide Writer’s Block

Wasting TimeHiya, my Greedies! Two Saturday updates in one, cause I missed last week. And that’s not the only thing I have missed. I have been busy with my private life and my love affairs… I am not going into that because I don’t feel that comfortable talking about it, especially considering the large number of homophobic people out there. In any case, my love life is much of a mess as my business. So basically, the fortnight started on Monday with me doing quite a bit of work on chapter VI of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. By Tuesday, I developed a writer’s block. I could not go on. I wasted all my time till Thursday thinking about what to do with the guide. By Friday, I decided to split chapter VI (which is now over 7000 words) into two. Saturday, I had a very bad surprise with my free host X-webhost suspending my account and seizing my TGR website! I spent all day trying to figure out what to do. Sunday, was my grandma’s 88th birthday and I went to visit her. Then on Monday, I decided to write a couple of quick articles as fillers, since I could not go on with the Ultimate for the time being. The “quick” articles ended up taking all my time! And I just finished the last one of the two. Also, my eyes have given me a lot more pain than usual!
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