Jul 13

Saturday Update #1: Russia Here I Come!

Map of RussiaIt’s been three weeks since I started my journey into the wonderful, awesome and amazing world of online marketing.  I won’t lie. My morale is pretty down for a number of reasons. Let’s start with business:

1. I am on page 1 of both Yahoo and Bing!

I made it to position number 6, with very little effort. Now that should make me happy, shouldn’t it? Well, maybe I am just the kind of guy who always sees the glass half empty rather than half filled. This has made me really depressed. First, I am nowhere to be seen on Google. Second, getting to number one position on the search engines isn’t my goal. My goal is to MAKE MONEY! And guess how much money I am making off, from my position on Bing and Yahoo? A stunning $0.00. I wasn’t expecting thousands or even hundreds of dollars but, a couple of bucks would have been nice to give me hope. Add to this the fact that the domain “money earning sites” was already registered before. I am hoping Google aren’t penalizing me because of the wrong doings of the previous owner or something. 🙁 Get Ready to be Burned Spammers!

Jul 21

Saturday Update #2: Free Web Hosting Sucks

freehosting sucksI got to retract what I said recently in my ‘starter’ introduction [Updated 29th November 2013: i.e. the old version that has been recently rewritten.] advising everyone to go for free hosting with 000webhost. I had nothing but trouble with 000webhost in the past week. I have no words to describe how bad this makes me feel having thought this to be a great solution for helping people with low budgets getting started easily. Now I feel like a complete fool. Do I really know what I am doing? Ah! I am so insecure. Guess this has been a lesson in humility. I have to listen more to people who are more experienced than I am, and test out stuff more carefully before getting to the keyboard. Here’s what happened with 000Webhost:


It’s a scam, plain and simple. Users click on your affiliate links and they don’t even get tracked. I did a search on the web and it appears that there isn’t a single dude who got some cash from this damned rotten company! If you search for “000webhost affiliate” on Google you’ll find nothing but complaints, starting from people who had their accounts deleted when they reached their payment threshold, to others whose sign-ups weren’t even tracked. When someone complains about not getting paid on the 000Webhost forums, they either delete the thread or close it!
Pitchforks! Torches!

Jul 27

Saturday Update #3: Google, Mistakes, Humility, Pain

GooglePage One Of Google With Little Effort (Presently On Page 2)

So, for four days I have been on page one of Google at a very decent fourth position, for my keywords ‘money earning sites’. Now, as I write this, I have been pushed back to page 2. Sadly no money came in, and there was very little traffic consisting mostly of spam. What did I do? Nothing, basically. The only link I added and which Google seemed to have picked is from the Great Rebellion website, which is a PR3 blog. I got a no-follow link from some guy who was discussing Yahoo Answers on his blog and who visited and commented on my article here. I also got a few do-follows from some PR0 site that is apparently using my articles to generate content. That’s all and …I ended up on page one! Now, I am on page two, however. My Google rating seems to be dropping. I am also on page 3 for the keywords “make money online Yahoo Answers“. I was ranking for “money making sites” too but that is no longer the case. It looks like I got penalized for some reason. The speed of my site maybe? Some bad links? I don’t know. What I know is:
Use Condoms When You Have Sex!

Aug 03

Saturday Update #4: My Morale Is Down!

Speed LimitNo big news this week. Money Earning Sites has been stable at position 9 on Google but it went down to position 15 today. No sales at all. 🙁 My morale is down for several reasons.

Sisters Driving Me Crazy

The three sisters Mary, Carmen and Censina are driving me crazy. On Wednesday I had a fight with them and completely exploded. I started yelling and shouting like a mad man. All three of them do nothing but lie all day long. It’s in their intrinsic nature to lie to other people and treat them like 2 year olds to avoid confrontation, so they can have it their way effortlessly. Censina hasn’t been feeling well and she is obsessed with turning off the air conditioner to ‘save some money’. The AC is a class A++ that consumes maybe €50 a month. She risks her health to save this much when we spent over €1000 in expenses when she was taken to the hospital last time… Moreover spending €50 for something that could improve her health, with a temperature of 110F outside, is ‘totally out of question’, but spending €200 to play lotto and a further €200 to call her sisters with her mobile when they are in the other room is FINE! That’s how unreasonable my family is. Makes me want to go in the street and shout. Being poor is horrible. It’s really hard being close to people like these. Negative people, who can’t think logically and hinder your growth should be kept as far from your life as possible. No ifs or buts.
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