Jul 21

Saturday Update #2: Free Web Hosting Sucks

freehosting sucksI got to retract what I said recently in my ‘starter’ introduction [Updated 29th November 2013: i.e. the old version that has been recently rewritten.] advising everyone to go for free hosting with 000webhost. I had nothing but trouble with 000webhost in the past week. I have no words to describe how bad this makes me feel having thought this to be a great solution for helping people with low budgets getting started easily. Now I feel like a complete fool. Do I really know what I am doing? Ah! I am so insecure. Guess this has been a lesson in humility. I have to listen more to people who are more experienced than I am, and test out stuff more carefully before getting to the keyboard. Here’s what happened with 000Webhost:


It’s a scam, plain and simple. Users click on your affiliate links and they don’t even get tracked. I did a search on the web and it appears that there isn’t a single dude who got some cash from this damned rotten company! If you search for “000webhost affiliate” on Google you’ll find nothing but complaints, starting from people who had their accounts deleted when they reached their payment threshold, to others whose sign-ups weren’t even tracked. When someone complains about not getting paid on the 000Webhost forums, they either delete the thread or close it!
Pitchforks! Torches!