Aug 19

Finding the Best Hosting Companies: An Introduction

Hosting Server for RentIn this series of articles I go through hosting in great detail. My introduction gets a bit technical. If you’re not a tech-guy, I suggest you to skip to part 2. All you need to get in your head from here is that domains and hosting are two completely different things and what a web host basically does is lending you hard drive space, bandwidth and CPU usage from their computers. If you want to go into more details, keep on reading. It’s not that tough to understand!

Hosting companies offer very rewarding affiliate commissions. For this reason finding an honest review and relying on information found on the web to choose the best hosting companies can become a nightmare. I had a very hard time finding the right web host provider for this website. And here it is, in case you’re wondering. Since I too get a commission from them, you may not want to trust my recommendation. No offense taken. It means you’re smart enough to do this job! Had you just registered at the link above, thinking “I want to trust this dude. He looks cool! I am sure he wouldn’t lie to me!“…well that just means you’re dupable. But truth is I tested too many hosting companies and the one I am using for Money Earning Sites, is truly the best host for a new business. As far as delivering a fantastic experience to my visitors goes, they can’t be bet. They offer a one month free trial with no payment required upfront and you don’t even have to provide a credit card or Paypal account. I may or may not be the biggest liar on the face of the planet, who would sell his granny for two bucks, but you’ve got no reason not to try them out. You don’t need to trust me. You just need to see it with your own eyes. 😉 However, if you still want to go on your way in your quest for the best ever hosting company, you’ll need to be equipped with a little basic knowledge, to avoid falling into some trap set by big hosting review sites that only want your hard earned cash. Don’t trust anyone just because they’re a huge site or claim that they make a lot of money. Educate yourself, first! Let’s start with the basics…
OK, Children! Take Out Your Text Books And Let’s Begin!

Aug 23

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part II: Understanding Shared Hosting

Best Web Hosting CompaniesThis is part II of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. If you missed part I you can find it here. Thanks to an insane amount of technical jargon and some funny cartoons, I tried to make a point. What a web host company does, basically is to rent you a computer where you store your website and which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What a shared web host does is to rent one computer to multiple customers. But how effective is shared hosting? How can it be so cheap (as low as $1.99) when the cheapest dedicated servers cost over $100 each? What kind of sites can shared hosting be used for? And what exactly do shared hosting companies mean, when they claim to provide unlimited bandwidth and storage space? The answers to these and many other interesting questions will come in a moment, if you have the patience to read what follows. A few weeks ago, I was so confused about web hosting and it took me a huge effort to do a thorough research on the matter. This article consists of my findings: those truths that all companies write down in small print in their terms of service. I will expose the theory behind the way in which shared web host companies operate. The next article in the guide (that is part III) will focus on using your newly acquired knowledge to test out hosting companies and distinguish the good from the bad and the best from the worst.
Time To Learn The Truth About Shared Hosting

Aug 26

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part III: Must Have Features for a Shared Provider

The FlashSo far, in our quest to find the best web hosting companies, we figured out that a shared hosting provider basically lends one computer (server) to multiple clients. We’ve also seen how modern web hosts operate: starting from an ideal but unrealistic non overselling web host to the more common overloaded shared host. In order to find the best shared web hosting service which our business deserves, there are two more questions which we are left to answer. Which features are the most important among those which we should look for in a host? And how do we find out if some web hosting company we have an eye on has or doesn’t have those features? In the third part of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide, I am going to answer the first of these questions. Let me clear up one point first: different businesses have different hosting needs. What a business that has just started needs is to make a good first impression on potential customers and search engines alike. A growing business needs fresh ideas and resources to keep the current customers and fans engaged, as well as attract new ones. An established business needs a solid and efficient platform to keep serving a large customer base and enough resources to keep engaging new leads and clients. Besides the size of the business, the type of business also has to be taken into consideration: is it a blog, a forum, a content site, an eCommerce site or something more unique? While one web hosting company can be the best possible for one business model, it may end up being disastrous for another. Find Out What a Web Host MUST Provide

Aug 28

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part IV: Affiliate Marketing and Hosting

Affiliate MarketingWelcome to Part IV of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide! As usual let’s start with a quick recap! We’ve seen that a shared web hosting company is one that lends a single computer to multiple customers (part I), that modern web hosts operate under various business models (part II) and that the most important features to look for in a web host, for a new business, are speed, uptime and low cost (part III). Sounds like you’re now well equipped to start exploring the world of shared web hosting to find the best companies that will take your business to the top. But there is a little problem left. Where are you going to find a reliable list of hosts on which you can test your newly acquired knowledge? I am going to show you what to do to find the best web host providers, in a moment. But first I want to tell you what you should not do: Google. Using Google to do web hosting related searches is an extremely bad idea. The only thing worse you can do in your life is adopting a teddy bear! And here is why:
For Lady Gaga’s Sake Don’t Adopt Teddy Bears

Sep 02

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part V: Who Is Hosting That Site?

DetectiveThe time for theory is over. If you still haven’t, make sure to read the first four parts of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. I will be referencing them often in this tutorial. Let the fun begin! Have you ever wished you could have a valid and reliable method to compare the features of various hosting packages? Our aim is to test the performance of a few shared hosting providers without having to sign up for their services. Most hosts offer money back guarantees, however, I don’t know you, but I wouldn’t feel at ease sharing my financial details with a multitude of web hosting companies. Not to mention the trouble of uploading my site to each of them! And let’s face it. It’s a bit embarrassing when the day to cancel that account comes by. Yup! Most hosts do honor their money back guarantee but they all want to know why you want to leave. And it’s a bit disturbing, at least to me, when I got to inform them that their service sucks! Even with Site5, that offers a free trial without requiring their customers to provide a credit card, a website still has to be uploaded to test their performance. Not to mention the mess that takes place, when you buy your domain from your host! You either have to keep going back to your host’s site to manage the domain or pay an extra to transfer it. This is why it’s best to keep your host and your domain registrar separate. I use Site 5 for hosting and Namecheap to register all my domains. In this part I will investigate web hosting companies, in two ways. I will show you how to check where some particular website is being hosted and how to find sites hosted by some particular hosting company, whose performance you want to test. The Best Lesson Is About to Start