Mar 05

SEO Has Become Too Complicated for You in 2014? This Guide Will NOT Help You Do It Better!

PenguinIt will help you, however, understand it a lot better. There are so many SEO myths on the Internet these days that many gurus are using SEO as the all-new-money-making miracle. Search Engine Optimization has become complicated after Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates. Before 2012, a teenager with an $30 application could rank a site on page one of Google in a few days; today, even expert marketers find it difficult and time-consuming to do so. Many different kinds of “Gurus” exist, each trying to get our money and offering very little value in return. Some of them market their products to absolute beginners. You may check out this old article, if you want to learn more about their strategies. These gurus take advantage of their victims’ ignorance. One classic scam is the “free money-earning site”. The guru offers a website the victim for free. It’s a special website: one of those that make millions. He does it because God told him that he has to give back to others for what he received in life, or because he has a new project going on and needs people to vouch for him (so he’ll turn you into a millionaire in exchange for a review of his coaching skills), or, again, he does it because he believes in karma, etc. The truth is that the website is worthless, made from a template with no links, 0PR, etc. The guru makes the cash by having you sign up to a web hosting company for which he is an affiliate. He takes advantage of his victims ignorance since they don’t know how websites make money or how affiliate programs work. Read More to Learn About SEO Scams

Mar 26

SocialADR Review: The Final verdict: Is SocialADR Safe for SEO and How Effective is this Service?

SocialADR ReviewI have been hearing good and mixed reports on SocialADR for quite a while. Some say that it’s effective and others that it didn’t do much for them. Oddly enough, I never heard any negative reports about this service, which was a great sign. Seeing that some marketers I respect were recommending SocialADR, I decided to have a go myself at it, and I am pleased to report that I am extremely impressed with the results. One of the things that held me back from testing it thoroughly when I started my online adventure was that I could not understand exactly what the service is. Their site is a bit confusing, and, to many newcomers, the whole concept of “social bookmarking” may sound a bit weird to begin with. So before starting the actual review, I want to go a bit in detail about what this service actually does, and what it doesn’t do. If you are a social bookmarking guru already, feel free to skip the next paragraph. Click Here to Find the Whole Truth About SocialADR

Apr 16

Google Penalizes My Blog Guest Shocking Webmasters and Creating Panic Across the Web!

guest bloggingThe big guys knew that it was coming. The signs were all there that Google was going to take action against guest blogging. Some anticipated that they would be making use of Google Authorship verification as a means to track and punish guest bloggers; others thought they would go after paid and low-quality guest blogging such as the many listings selling blog posts on Fiverr or the sites offering free spun blog posts through Worpress plugins. No one though expected them to go after My Blog Guest, a site that has always tried to adhere to all of Google’s guidelines and where high-quality guest posts have always been encouraged. The idea behind My Blog Guest by Ann Smarty was pretty simple: authors provide good-quality content for webmasters, who, in exchange, would endorse the author by providing a byline with a link back to his site. There is nothing fishy about this. It’s a legit way to earn a link, since by choosing a web post to appear on his blog, a webmaster is automatically endorsing the author, and a link is therefore due. Well, Google sees it differently obviously! Click Here for More Panic!