Nov 06

Create Backlinks That Deliver Results With Market Samurai

createbacklinksToday, I am going to introduce you to some link building software that will create backlinks, which will truly help you rank a lot better in Google and in a relatively short period of time too. But before venturing into the world of SEO link building, let’s take a step back and recap what happened on this site so far. My plan for monetizing this website is that of developing a high quality macro site. For my definition of ‘macro site‘, take a look at this article. To see what I mean exactly when I say ‘high quality‘, check out the PEACE method, that I describe fully here. Basically, it’s all about creating sites with passion, effort, action, competence and effectiveness! This is the spirit I created The Money Earning Sites Central with. As of writing this article, the site is now four months and three days old, but for the first three months, I decided to focus all my efforts on adding high quality content to the site. My aim was to please both the users, who might stumble here, as well as the Google Panda algorithm. There are fifty three articles on the site at this time, sixteen of them being my weekly diary and another fifteen making up my Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. For the first three months, I did little to no SEO backlink building. Things have changed in the past month, since I decided to allow myself sometime to create quality backlinks and see how it goes. Actually, I didn’t spend that much time on backlink building; only seven working days in a whole month. The results? I quadrupled the number of impressions that this site has ever had. It’s not that Money Earning Sites has suddenly become an authority blog. I am still very far from getting where I want to be. The great thing, however, is that my rankings are improving every day, with only a handful of quality backlinks created. For some keywords, I moved from page three to page one of Google. For others, I moved from page eight to page two. And for some tougher ones, where I was nowhere to be found previously, I am now on page five. As far as the extra tough keywords for Web hosting go, I am still unclassified. But I have just begun the work! This graph, which I got directly from the Google Webmaster Tools shows a clear upward trend and continuous improvement of my SERPS.

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Dec 06

Two SEO Myths Busted

seomythsIn search-engine land there are a few SEO myths and common believes, which anyone who is in the business will hear a number of times while navigating from blog-to-blog. A few times these Internet legends turn out to be true; way more often, they are revealed to be as real as the Bigfoot. Sometimes they are the remnants of a distant past. Other times they originate from hearsay and people who do not know what they are doing, and yet, in a few instances, they originate from Google themselves. Are they lying on purpose? It could be, but it might as well be the case that something that was true three years ago may no longer be so today. Based on my experience, I can say that the statements which follow are totally false. Medusa’s Head Was Not Made Of Snakes

Dec 10

The Alternative To Content-Writing Services: Free Unique Articles For Your Web 2.0s

content-writingContent-writing services can be expensive especially when a large amount of articles is needed for SEO purposes, but there is an alternative. I love being honest and transparent about everything I do in Internet marketing. This applies to the relationships that I try to establish with my readers and customers, as well as to the SEO techniques I employ while trying to make it to the top of Google. For a new site such as mine, however, employing only White Hat techniques may never bring it to success. Getting links from established sites is not easy when your site has no traffic and no reputation. Some Gray Hat and a very few Black Hat techniques can come in handy. One such technique is building supporting Web sites to serve as ‘link sources‘ for the money-making site. The idea is to build a low-to-medium-quality-content site, similar to the niche sites that used to dominate Google before the advent of Panda and Penguin. Poorer-quality links are used to support the site and spammy links to these links will give it more authority. Here is a diagram to show you how the strategy works.

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Jan 23

How to Get Free SEO Software, Links and Advertisements

freeI am going to share one of the sites that I came across recently while using my evil, Market-Samurai-voyeur techniques (which I fully discuss here). Normally I would share a great site such as this one only with my most loyal followers who are subscribed to linkz, but I want to be nice and share the love with everyone, so you too can enjoy the free SEO tools and much more that the site has to offer. Well … the truth is that I am throwing in an affiliate link in this article, which will help me gain even more points for my profile. Did I say “points”? No, this is not one of those scams where you earn one cent for an hour of work, and you never make enough cash to be able to checkout. The site I am going to introduce is very similar to Yahoo Answers, but rather than warnings and threats, we are given free SEO software in exchange for our time and for answering questions. That’s not all! You can add a signature to your answers, where you can add up to two do-follow links. I have seen profiles with six links actually, but I prefer to stick to the rules. We earn 40 points for every question answered, and each point is valued at 1c. This means that by answering three questions every day we can earn $1.20. In a little over a month one will easily be able to afford a $47 product, and it takes no more than five minutes to answer three questions. Without further ado here is the site and why I have fallen in love with it: Click Here to Reveal!

Feb 05

Some Thoughts on Guest Blogging and Matt Cutts’ Latest Blog Post

Last week, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Anti-Webspam Team, wrote a post on his blog declaring guest blogging for SEO purposes to be a “dead practice“. In his post, Cutts sounded pretty annoyed—his anger, apparently motivated by an email he received, wherein some Indian guy offered to write a guest blog post for him in exchange for a do-follow link:

Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.

—Matt Cutts, Head of Google Anti-Webspam Team

Cutts stated that this is equivalent to paying for a link. If you want to read his full article, click here to check it out. I have to respectfully disagree with everything that was stated in the article.
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