Jan 08

Make Money With 99Designs and Fiverr

99designsandfiverrHere is an idea that has been floating for a while in my head, since I created this momentous list of money-earning websites a few weeks ago. One of the sites that I tested out myself is 99designs. As I said in that article, I love the site primarily for its educational value. Artists compete with each other and only one winner gets picked. It’s a bit like the movie Highlander: In the end there will be only one left. No heads are cut fortunately, but only the best artist gets picked and earns the cash. The prizes are quite consistent. We’re talking about a $99–$200 payout, for a job, which in most cases takes ten minutes to complete! The competition, however, is fierce. In the contest I took part in a few weeks ago, there were about forty artists fighting for the prize and over four hundred designs were submitted. While this is a fun and instructive activity, getting paid once every four-hundred jobs done is not very practical. Taking ten minutes to complete each job means sixty-seven hours of work. Now divide $135 by sixty-seven hours. This implies an hourly rate of $2. It will be even less if the quality of our work is below average, and slightly more if it is above average. All isn’t lost, though. Let’s take a closer look at this method of making money online, and see if we can combine it with others to make it more effective than ever! Check Out This One!