Dec 11

Introduction to Domaining

introduction-to-domainingDomain speculation, commonly referred to as domaining, is a practice that has fascinated me since the first time I heard about it. Domains are valuable because each one is unique. There is only one and only one, but it does not take a genius to figure out that the former is far more valuable than the latter. Many domains have a real or perceived commercial value, which makes them desirable. The art of domaining involves identifying valuable domains, securing them and reselling either to other domainers or to end users. In a way, this is very similar to what I had been doing on eBay for a long while many years ago. I made about $60,000 selling Transformers and Masters of the Universe toys, doubling my initial investment. I am not even counting a further $40,000 profits that I invested in other opportunities, but eventually lost. I loved doing that because I am an avid toy collector and the thrill of hunting down rarities and turning them into hard cash was very exciting and motivating. It also helped me make it through a very hard time. Eventually I had to quit because my local post office is owned by a company that has a monopoly over postal services. Some years ago, they started charging almost ten times as much as any other European post office for international shipping; this made my business uncompetitive and I was forced to quit. Domaining is great because the concept is basically the same, but there is no shipping involved. I have only recently started moving my first footsteps in this field, and I have realized two things: Some people make domaining sound easier than it really is; others make it sound like it is oversaturated and a waste of one’s time. I think both are wrong. There is money to be made in domaining, but there is an enormous amount of competition, so a good strategy is needed. Going to Namecheap and starting to type in random names to find an appealing domain that is available for registration is a laughable approach. Using Market Samurai to find keyword-rich domains and expecting to sell them for two hundred dollars each after a week or two is a little more pragmatic, but still unrealistic. Without much ado, let me illustrate my strategy. I am sharing this with you without having fully tested it out. I do not know if it will work or not. In pure Money Earning Sites Central style, I will discover this together with my readers. Join Me In This Incredible Adventure

Mar 19

How to Buy or Transfer a Domain and Retain Pagerank, Authority and Trust to Protect your Investment

Domain TransferThere are many reasons why expired and deleted domains may be desirable for an Internet marketer . They can give you a huge kick start for your website flipping project. A prospective buyer will be more interested in purchasing your site if it’s build on a solid, aged domain. Aged domains are always a great way to start your very own website. It saves you from having to deal with the Google sandbox effect (Google ignores sites that are built on brand new domains for a couple of months). And finally, they are used by many gray/black hats for SEO purposes. This is done by buying the domain, creating a website and putting a link to your money site on the aged domain. Whichever the reason why you want aged domains, you will want your brand new asset to retain its value. In this article, I will show you a simple technique to increase your chances to preserve the potential of the domain. First, let’s take a look at what we mean exactly by the value of an aged domain. Here Comes Another One of Those Epic Articles

Apr 23

My Amazing Guide to Choosing the Best Aged Domain Names; And Avoiding the Crappy Ones!

Domain ChoicesA few weeks ago, I took a look at ways and means to preserve the value of an aged domain once you have purchased it in this article here. That’s just the last of the four phases one has to go through to get a high-PR domain, the other three being, finding them, choosing them and buying them. I will leave finding them and buying them as subjects of other future articles. Today, we’ll be focusing on choosing cool domains! How many times you see people on forums complaining that the high-PR domain that they bought didn’t bring any link juice to their money site? Or that no one made an offer on the site that they tried to flip? Or again, that the aged domain lost all its PR after they bought it? It happens all the time: one person in a forum thread says that aged domains are s~*t, and the next one says that they are the best thing in the world since the invention of sex. Who are we to believe? Chances are they are both correct, but the first guy is likely to have done one of two mistakes. Either they chose the wrong domain, or they didn’t take enough precautions to have its value preserved. Both of these steps are required for the domain to do its job. As already stated, the last step has been covered elsewhere. Let’s see how to choose a great domain that will give the best results for flipping, ranking, link juice or whatever else you want to use it for. Find Out How Before Mr Huggins Chimes In