Jul 22

An Idea to Make Money with Domain Samurai

Domain Samurai[Updated 29th November 2013: Since Google started penalizing EMDs, this application no longer provides the value it used to, and the method described here no longer works. I am leaving the article for reference only.]

Do you want to get into eBooks, but cannot come up with a cool idea to make some good cash? Let me help! Domain Samurai is a free application that will help you find the right Domains for your Web site. It comes with Market Samurai‘s keyword research module integrated into it. It is a great alternative for beginners who cannot afford the paid version. Domain Samurai does not come with the high-end features that his bigger brother does, such as the SEOC module that is so important for researching competition. The SEOC module in Market Samurai is the one that tells us everything (or almost everything) about the strength of our competitors. Domain Samurai can only tell us how much competition we have in our niche.

Once the right keywords are found, very rarely an EMD (exact match domain) is available for registration. For example, if the keywords are ‘money earning sites‘, moneyearningsites.net would be an EMD for those keywords. I found my EMD for this site thanks to Domain Samurai. With the same keywords, emoneyearningsites.net would be considered a PMD or partial match domain because, in addition to the main keywords, the domain also contains the prefix “e”. Yahoo and Bing seem to love EMDs. Google may be divorcing them, but I heard they are going to a marriage counselor… Who knows?! Anyhow, an EMD works best but, if it is not available, we can feed Domain Samurai a list of keywords to append as prefixes and suffixes to the domain. Domain Samurai eBook