Jul 14

Is Making Money with Yahoo Answers, Worth Investing Our Time Into?

Yahoo Answers Witch HuntMy intention was to write a very negative review about making money on line with Yahoo Answers. But something happened tonight, 13th July 2013: I made my first sale ever as an affiliate and earned $65! Guess where the sale came from? If you replied ‘Yahoo Answers’, you guessed correctly. Of course, I am totally thrilled, because I was starting to believe that to make money on line, Yahoo Answers empowered or otherwise, is nothing but a myth. Could it be that everyone saying otherwise was just trying to pitch me a copy of Market Samurai to play with? Making $65 after three weeks with about forty questions answered is not that bad. Keep in mind that the questions should stay there for a long time. I get new clicks every day from many of my answers. The sale was from a question I answered three weeks ago. Every answer I left works like a mini-money-earning site that may keep making me money for years to come.  I still have a lot to learn about search engine optimization, advertising and marketing. By using a few of the ideas that are running through my head, I may be able to get many more sales soon, so it is time to have a closer look at this method used to make money on line. Yahoo answers is the largest user driven question and answer community on the Internet. It does not take a genius to figure out that the place can be a gold mine for any Internet marketer. As I want to employ only white hat (ethical, legal, honest) methods to make money on line, Yahoo Answers posed a serious dilemma to me. Would I be breaking their rules, if I post my links on their site? Would I be wasting my time by working on my contributions and risk seeing them deleted or getting banned? I read Yahoo Answers’ Community Guidelines and happily found out this: I Found a Three Eyed Fish!!!

Jul 17

Make Money Online—Yahoo Answers Tips and Tricks

Making Money With Yahoo AnswersThe method I use to make money on Yahoo Answers is both an ethical and a legit one. Yahoo Answers do allow contributors, who have their own business, to put a link in the answers which they post provided that certain conditions are met. Unfortunately, the moderation of the Yahoo Answers community is left to a group of preselected users of the site some of whom, obviously, did not read the terms of service, or just choose to ignore them for various reasons. I have discussed this in my previous article covering this method, which weighs the pros against the cons of using Yahoo Answers to generate a long-term-recurring income. To summarize that discussion, Yahoo Answers can be a great source of extra income, but, because of the way in which the site is managed, all questions and answers left by any user may be suddenly deleted with no way to effectively appeal to their unfair deletion. This should be taken into consideration before engaging in this technique. For those who still wish to try Yahoo Answers, here is exactly how I do it:
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Jul 22

InfoBarrel: Writing Articles for Revenue Sharing Websites

Writing for InfobarrelWould it be cool if you could contribute to sites like Facebook, Wikipedia or Yahoo and have a share to their profits? Imagine the audience that you would have and the money you could make. Unlike sites such as Yahoo Answers, where users are expected to add value for the community without getting anything in return for their hard work, revenue sharing sites such as InfoBarrel compensate members by giving them access to part of their AdSense earnings. InfoBarrel, in particular pay a good seventy-five percent of their Google AdSense revenue. Users can increase this to ninety percent by winning points or accomplishing certain easy tasks, as advised from time to time by the administration. Referring new authors to InfoBarrel will add an additional two percent commission to the referrer’s AdSense revenue. If you wish to click on my referral link, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thumbs UpBack to business! That is not all! An InfoBarrel author can add up to two self-serving-contextual links to the article itself or up to two self-serving links in their signature. The links in the signature can be call-to-action links and need not be contextual.  If you don’t know the difference between the two, here is an example:

  • This is a contextual link: “Keyword analysis can be achieved quickly and efficiently by using applications such as Market Samurai.”
  • This is a call-to-action link: “Download your free trial of Market Samurai to achieve keyword analysis quickly and efficiently”

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Jul 22

An Idea to Make Money with Domain Samurai

Domain Samurai[Updated 29th November 2013: Since Google started penalizing EMDs, this application no longer provides the value it used to, and the method described here no longer works. I am leaving the article for reference only.]

Do you want to get into eBooks, but cannot come up with a cool idea to make some good cash? Let me help! Domain Samurai is a free application that will help you find the right Domains for your Web site. It comes with Market Samurai‘s keyword research module integrated into it. It is a great alternative for beginners who cannot afford the paid version. Domain Samurai does not come with the high-end features that his bigger brother does, such as the SEOC module that is so important for researching competition. The SEOC module in Market Samurai is the one that tells us everything (or almost everything) about the strength of our competitors. Domain Samurai can only tell us how much competition we have in our niche.

Once the right keywords are found, very rarely an EMD (exact match domain) is available for registration. For example, if the keywords are ‘money earning sites‘, moneyearningsites.net would be an EMD for those keywords. I found my EMD for this site thanks to Domain Samurai. With the same keywords, emoneyearningsites.net would be considered a PMD or partial match domain because, in addition to the main keywords, the domain also contains the prefix “e”. Yahoo and Bing seem to love EMDs. Google may be divorcing them, but I heard they are going to a marriage counselor… Who knows?! Anyhow, an EMD works best but, if it is not available, we can feed Domain Samurai a list of keywords to append as prefixes and suffixes to the domain. Domain Samurai eBook

Nov 18

Making Money On eBay; How I Made $100,000 Selling Toys

eBayWhat is the one issue that nearly every kind soul who visited my blog complained about? Well, I am sure some of my acquaintances hate me because I did not speak of them too nicely, but I am not talking about that. What most of my “fans” such as Another Loser were skeptical about is this one thing: I never made any money online. As such I should not try to teach others how to do the same. I am going to refrain myself from explaining for the nth time why, in today’s scenario, learning from someone who just started up is far more valuable than studying what anyone did to monetize a Web site in the past ten years. Of course, I am not making any money because the project is brand new, and shaping up a site into an authority blog is a very long and tedious process. Today, however, I want to underline a fact, which some of you may have missed: I have indeed made money on line in the past. Thirteen years ago, making money on eBay was my cup of tea. In the course of three years, I made around $100,000, possibly a little more. I spent a little less than $30,000 to buy my stock, which leaves a net profit of about $70,000, or $1900 per month. However I wasted around $40,000 buying other stuff for myself, so I only put around $30,000 in my pockets. Considering that in Malta, where I live, the average wage is $2000, I could have easily made a living off from that. Click Here To Learn How I Did It