Jul 22

An Idea to Make Money with Domain Samurai

Domain Samurai[Updated 29th November 2013: Since Google started penalizing EMDs, this application no longer provides the value it used to, and the method described here no longer works. I am leaving the article for reference only.]

Do you want to get into eBooks, but cannot come up with a cool idea to make some good cash? Let me help! Domain Samurai is a free application that will help you find the right Domains for your Web site. It comes with Market Samurai‘s keyword research module integrated into it. It is a great alternative for beginners who cannot afford the paid version. Domain Samurai does not come with the high-end features that his bigger brother does, such as the SEOC module that is so important for researching competition. The SEOC module in Market Samurai is the one that tells us everything (or almost everything) about the strength of our competitors. Domain Samurai can only tell us how much competition we have in our niche.

Once the right keywords are found, very rarely an EMD (exact match domain) is available for registration. For example, if the keywords are ‘money earning sites‘, moneyearningsites.net would be an EMD for those keywords. I found my EMD for this site thanks to Domain Samurai. With the same keywords, emoneyearningsites.net would be considered a PMD or partial match domain because, in addition to the main keywords, the domain also contains the prefix “e”. Yahoo and Bing seem to love EMDs. Google may be divorcing them, but I heard they are going to a marriage counselor… Who knows?! Anyhow, an EMD works best but, if it is not available, we can feed Domain Samurai a list of keywords to append as prefixes and suffixes to the domain. Domain Samurai eBook

Dec 04

Fool Proof Keyword Research Tactic That Always Works

keywordsThose who follow me on my blog know that I am a huge fan of Market Samurai. It is a great tool for doing keyword research and an amazing partner for reverse engineering in SEO. I discussed the latter topic in this article, but today I will be focusing on keyword research alone. This is an article that was long due. However, I confess that the subject has always been one I could not fully grasp; I wanted to wait until I could understand this important aspect of Web site monetization before opening my mouth. The topic, unfortunately, is so vast that it will take me years to master it fully. Nonetheless, now I am way more familiar with it then when I started out. I realize I have made many mistakes with regards to keyword research, and I believe that beginners can benefit by learning from my experience. A good place to start, if you are completely new to this, is the Market Samurai Dojo. Besides learning how to set up and use Market Samurai, there you will also learn the basics of the art, and science, of keyword research. Do not be fooled though. No application can make keyword research as easy as they make it sound. Let me explain you why. Elementary, My Dear Huggins!

Mar 13

Advanced Secret Keyword Research Strategy to Find Highly Profitable Niches

keywor researchDo you want to learn the secret to find those secret niches that everyone claims to be making big bucks from? The following scenario may sound familiar to you: You have purchased Market Samurai, or used a similar application to find profitable keywords, but any and all niches that the applications come up with appear to be saturated. Even those not-so-profitable keywords look like they are extremely competitive and hard to rank for. First, don’t take competition at face value. To begin with, the three factors, which determine how tough any one of your competitors is, appear to be the Trust Flow, the Domain Authority and the Pagerank of the page (not the website). However, if you’re good at SEO, the true criteria that will decide your destiny are whether your competitor is doing SEO himself and how he is using his anchor text. A weak site (low TF/DA/PR) can beat a more powerful one very easily if offsite SEO is done in the right way. For example, if you see Facebook, Yahoo Answers or Wikipedia ranking on page one for your keyword, that’s a very good indication that the niche is doable. Those sites are very powerful, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone did any SEO to have those pages rank on page one for that keyword, so they likely ended up there, so to say, by accident. Anyhow, that looks like a topic that’s better left for another article. I will assume that you already know how to tell the difference between a keyword you can rank for easily and one you better leave alone. Therefore, let’s assume that the applications didn’t find any keywords you can tackle for the topic of your website. What do you do? Click Here for the Answer!