Jul 22

InfoBarrel: Writing Articles for Revenue Sharing Websites

Writing for InfobarrelWould it be cool if you could contribute to sites like Facebook, Wikipedia or Yahoo and have a share to their profits? Imagine the audience that you would have and the money you could make. Unlike sites such as Yahoo Answers, where users are expected to add value for the community without getting anything in return for their hard work, revenue sharing sites such as InfoBarrel compensate members by giving them access to part of their AdSense earnings. InfoBarrel, in particular pay a good seventy-five percent of their Google AdSense revenue. Users can increase this to ninety percent by winning points or accomplishing certain easy tasks, as advised from time to time by the administration. Referring new authors to InfoBarrel will add an additional two percent commission to the referrer’s AdSense revenue. If you wish to click on my referral link, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thumbs UpBack to business! That is not all! An InfoBarrel author can add up to two self-serving-contextual links to the article itself or up to two self-serving links in their signature. The links in the signature can be call-to-action links and need not be contextual.  If you don’t know the difference between the two, here is an example:

  • This is a contextual link: “Keyword analysis can be achieved quickly and efficiently by using applications such as Market Samurai.”
  • This is a call-to-action link: “Download your free trial of Market Samurai to achieve keyword analysis quickly and efficiently”

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