Nov 18

Making Money On eBay; How I Made $100,000 Selling Toys

eBayWhat is the one issue that nearly every kind soul who visited my blog complained about? Well, I am sure some of my acquaintances hate me because I did not speak of them too nicely, but I am not talking about that. What most of my “fans” such as Another Loser were skeptical about is this one thing: I never made any money online. As such I should not try to teach others how to do the same. I am going to refrain myself from explaining for the nth time why, in today’s scenario, learning from someone who just started up is far more valuable than studying what anyone did to monetize a Web site in the past ten years. Of course, I am not making any money because the project is brand new, and shaping up a site into an authority blog is a very long and tedious process. Today, however, I want to underline a fact, which some of you may have missed: I have indeed made money on line in the past. Thirteen years ago, making money on eBay was my cup of tea. In the course of three years, I made around $100,000, possibly a little more. I spent a little less than $30,000 to buy my stock, which leaves a net profit of about $70,000, or $1900 per month. However I wasted around $40,000 buying other stuff for myself, so I only put around $30,000 in my pockets. Considering that in Malta, where I live, the average wage is $2000, I could have easily made a living off from that. Click Here To Learn How I Did It