Dec 24

How to Verify Google Authorship and Publisher

William ShakespeareIn this article about SEO, I discussed Google Authorship, and underlined some of its pros and cons. You should take a look at it before proceeding. If, after checking out my rants, you still want to verify your author and publisher accounts, I have put together a very detailed guide, which I am sharing with you today. First, I will explain what Google authorship and publisher are and the difference between them. Probably, you know the difference between a Facebook account and a Facebook page: An account belongs to an individual where as a Facebook page represents an entity, such as a Web site. Google Plus has similar types of accounts for individual users and pages. An author is an entity represented by a personal Google Plus account, and an author profile is linked to individual articles. A publisher is associated with a Google Plus Page and links to a Web site. I will show you how do these three things: Chew, Spit and Fart!!!

Jan 02

31 Tips To Create Profitable Money-Making Websites Quickly in 2014

money-making-sitesThings change up quickly in the blogosphere. Methods that used to work amazingly well yesterday no longer do the job today. A link-building technique, which is king now, may lead to a penalty tomorrow. That is why it is crucial to stay in touch with the most recent developments for anyone who intends to develop a successful money-making website. However, a newcomer may not have sufficient knowledge to start on the right foot. Here are thirty-one up-to-date tips to get into blogging with correct tools and a focused mindset. Check My New Year Tips

Jan 28

How to Overcome Writer’s Block with These Extravagant Tips

Writer's BlockThe worst thing that can happen to a blogger or a professional writer is to get into that mood—the one that stops the writer, for some reason, from putting down his or her ideas onto paper, or Microsoft Word to get in touch with modern-age technology. What is normally referred to as a “writer’s block” may have a variety of causes; the author may simply be out of ideas. Those of us who do this for a living and have to write several articles per day will, sooner or later, find out that creativity’s pool in our minds wasn’t built on a bottomless pit. Writing four or five articles a day, or one new chapter of a book may come easy at first. In the long run, it will get more and more difficult because coming up with new ideas on the same topic requires a great deal of ingenuity, dedication and self-confidence as a writer. This brings us to the second cause for a writer’s block. Sometimes the author may have plenty of ideas to write about and possess enough creativity to forge even five or ten articles out of those initial concepts. A writer’s block can occur under these cicumstances too when there is a lack of motivation or enthusiasm for the job at hand. The reasons for the second type of writer’s block are usually psychological. They may stem from boredom, fatigue or a lack of self-confidence, which can be caused from a previous job being rejected or harshly criticized by the audience. In both cases, there are a few tips that can help authors, bloggers and aspiring novelists alike to get the best from their time and produce the possible highest quality work. Overcome Your Writer’s Block With These Tips

Apr 16

Google Penalizes My Blog Guest Shocking Webmasters and Creating Panic Across the Web!

guest bloggingThe big guys knew that it was coming. The signs were all there that Google was going to take action against guest blogging. Some anticipated that they would be making use of Google Authorship verification as a means to track and punish guest bloggers; others thought they would go after paid and low-quality guest blogging such as the many listings selling blog posts on Fiverr or the sites offering free spun blog posts through Worpress plugins. No one though expected them to go after My Blog Guest, a site that has always tried to adhere to all of Google’s guidelines and where high-quality guest posts have always been encouraged. The idea behind My Blog Guest by Ann Smarty was pretty simple: authors provide good-quality content for webmasters, who, in exchange, would endorse the author by providing a byline with a link back to his site. There is nothing fishy about this. It’s a legit way to earn a link, since by choosing a web post to appear on his blog, a webmaster is automatically endorsing the author, and a link is therefore due. Well, Google sees it differently obviously! Click Here for More Panic!

Apr 30

How to Have Success with Forums by Having Posting Contests

Forums are possibly the toughest kind of website to set up. Having a successful forum does not depend as much on SEO or your content, but rather on getting new people to the site and having them become active members, who will provide a valuable contribution. A few years ago, I was running a very successful forum: The Great Rebellion’s Collector Club. It was a venue for toy collectors to meet , talk about their hobby, make friends and whatever else. I launched it in June 2010. By November of the same year, it was the most successful group of its kind on Facebook. A website and full-featured portal immediately followed. It’s success lasted for about a year. Today, the site is gone and the Facebook group is dead. There are several reasons why things went wrong. Some include having too many administrators managing the group, each with their own vision where they wanted to take it; others were all my own personal mistakes such as me allowing mediocre content that alienated the regular users and, also — at some point, I have to admit that I became very proud, unquestionably too “proud”, of what I achieved. That may be a topic for another article, though. Today, I want to talk about how I managed to get that group to success and why I wasn’t able to use that same formula to save it when difficult times came up. In other words, I am going to talk about forum-posting “contests”. I Been Planning This Article for Eight Months!