Sep 16

How to Get Gravatars for WP, Joomla, Drupal and Other Platforms

gravatarsMoney Earning Sites is my very first WordPress website. When trying something new, the rule of thumb for most people is to feel pretty confused about it. OK, not me, of course! I had my site up and running in five minutes and fully customized within a week. That’s because I am a genius! Well, before insisting in stealing other marketer’s cliché phrases, I will admit one exception. I had no clue what gravatars are, so there was something that left me totally wondering for months. How the heck on Earth one gets an avatar on WordPress? I searched everywhere for a place to upload one, the front-end, the administrator control panel, the plugins, the widgets but nothing, nothing, nothing! Did you have a similar experience, when you first tried out WordPress? If I only knew the magic little word, “gravatars“, things would have been so much easier. If you did wonder just like me, or even better, if you still are where I was, you have come to the right place because I am going to show you exactly how to get gravatars and use them on your own site as well as other WordPress sites, Joomla, Drupal and wherever else they are used!
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Sep 27

Secure Your Brand Name with the Best Domain Registrar

Best Domain RegistrarI see you’re reading this article… Chances are you’re considering setting up a money earning site, that is a website created with the purpose of monetizing it. In this tutorial, I am going to show you step by step how you can secure your brand name with the cheapest and best domain registrar: Namecheap, in under thirty seconds! If you want to change your life, give yourself and your family a better future and free yourself from that nine to five job this is the first step you need to take. There’s so much to learn about online marketing that it may take you a lifetime to “prepare yourself” adequately by studying. The people who succeed are those who take action. Sadly, out of every thousand people who will read this article, there will be thirty who will actually take this chance and rush up to the best domain registrar to start their online money making website. And out of those thirty, maybe one or two will have the endurance and self confidence needed to pursue their dream and make it a reality. But the starting point is right here, right now. If you keep thinking about the day when you’ll start doing this, that day will likely never come. And no, I am not saying this to make you click on my affiliate links. I am saying it because it’s true. Make a choice today: start living your dream now or forget about it forever!
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Sep 29

Create a Blog in 60 Seconds for Free on Site5

Create a BlogMany affiliate marketers and hosting review sites will insist that you buy a package from their preferred web host provider, because they are tailor made for WordPress and you can setup your blog in 60 seconds, if you chose THEIR favorite host for your site. Well… Ladies and Gentlemen, the truth is you can do that with any host even the crappy free ones that are always down and run at the speed of a tortoise. Hosts aren’t “optimized for WordPress” and there is no such thing as a “WordPress Host“. It’s the guys at who have optimized their application to run in any good hosting environment. When it comes to choosing your host, choose based on performance, as that is what you truly need to grow your business: granting your visitors the best possible browsing experience. Site5‘s performance is unmatched by any other shared web host that I have tested and that is why I host my website with them. And yes, you definitely can have a blog up and running on Site5 in less than sixty seconds! I will show you how in a moment. But I want to make it clear that you don’t need to buy an account from Site5 to follow this guide. Most hosts will have these features available too. And even if you choose to go with Site5, you will not be buying anything anyway! Because Site5 offers you thirty days of free top quality hosting to test their service. Try now pay later, unlike all other hosts that ask you to pay for years of hosting in advance when signing up and then taking a paid trial.
Get Your Blog Up and Running in Sixty Seconds

Sep 29

How to Set Up an FTP Account with Filezilla

filezillaYou should think of a web host as some guy who is renting you space and bandwidth on his computer. You are allowed to use this space to upload a website of yours and your host promises to keep the computer on all the time, so that when someone wants to access your site from their browsers, the data will be sent to them immediately. In fact, if you so wish, you can use your own home computer to host your sites! The disadvantages of doing this are that you need to be technically skilled and have your computer on all the day. If you don’t know what you are doing, expect to be hacked and there will be a high cost to pay in electricity bills too. So, traditional web hosting is the best solution in my opinion, especially when you consider that you can get a state of the art service from companies such as Site5 for as little as $4.95 a month! Having an ftp account with your host makes things even easier. Many starters get scared when they hear the acronym “ftp” and immediately associate it with of some complicated application, that is difficult to configure and frustrating to use. Not at all! Ftp stands for file transfer protocol and all it means is “how do we send files from our personal home computer to the computer that our host rented us“. This is done by means of an ftp client. My favorite ftp client is Filezilla, a 100% free tool. If you are familiar with Windows Exlporer, you will have no issue using Filezilla, since it can be considered to be two Window Explorers in one. Instead of showing only the files stored on your home computer, like Windows Explorer does, Filezilla shows both those on your computer and those stored on the host’s server. In this way, you can easily transfer files from one to the other, just like you would move files around from one folder to another in Windows Explorer. It’s really as easy as that! The only catch is that you have to configure your client to connect to the host first. That is easier done than said. Let’s go! I Tried to Flush a Teddy and It got Stuck in the Toilet

Sep 30

Mastering WordPress Installations

Wordpress Logo

“Mastering” may be a bit exaggerated in this context, but any decent blogger should have a basic understanding of how a WordPress installation works. This is especially important when one is managing several sites at once. It’s also important for website optimization, since learning the tricks of the trade can help with a few tweaks that can improve the performance of a site on shared hosting services. Finally, a better understanding of the installation process for a WordPress site will enable us to migrate between one host and another or a web host and our own local server very easily. In fact the process is so simple, I can easily accomplish it in under a minute. Some hosts make you pay quite a lot of money to perform this task on your behalf. Besides, always depending on other people, no matter how skillful and friendly they may be, is never an optimal scenario for a blogger who wants to take full control of his business. While, one click installs are cool for total beginners, taking a closer look at a manual WordPress installation, is the next step to take once you’ve become familiar with WordPress. Or, you can try to do a manual installation right away to begin with, if you feel daring enough. Well, it’s actually very simple so it’s not that big of a dare. This tutorial works for any web hosting company but I will be using Site5 as an example and assumes you are familiar with FTP. If that is not the case, take a peek at this other tutorial before we begin. OK! Is your FTP client configured correctly now? Let’s install WordPress then!

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