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google penguinIf you are new to the business and stumbled here after watching the nth video from some money-making guru who wanted to make you a millionaire overnight for $49.99, your search for answers is over. Here you will learn the truth about how websites make money for real, and how to monetize your sites with your sweat and hard work. That is right; I said ‘work’ because the first thing you have to learn is that easy Internet money is just a myth. It does not exist. It is possible to generate cash online through blogs, and create Internet-money-earning Web sites, but it is far from being something easy that ‘anyone can do’. It takes time, patience and creativity. Let me first clear up that this is a business for-profit site. I do sell stuff and run Google AdSense here, but you can access hundred percent of the information for free. I will explain to you in detail how I will be making this site profitable in a short while.

You may or may not know that a money-earning Web site is. Of course, it is a Web site that makes money for its owner. The term is used in Internet marketing to refer to a niche Web site, which means a site that covers some particular topic or focuses around a unique product, for example ‘dog training’. Sites like ‘dog training’ that deal with very specific, non mainstream, topics are called micro niche sites. A macro niche site is an on-line-money-making site that deals with a broader range of topics like health, wealth, self-development or sex. This Web site’s main topic are Internet-money-earning Web sites, but is in itself a money-earning site in the overcrowded niche of wealth. There is some confusion between Internet marketers themselves regarding the distinction between micro and macro niches. If you are interested in my own take on the subject, please check out this article.

So how do websites make money? There are many ways to put some dollars, euros, or whatever other currency you prefer in the pocket. ‘Direct sales’ refers to goods which are sold directly to a customer. These can be physical goods or electronic goods. For example, a Web site named ‘Big Bad Toy Store’ sells vintage toys to collectors, and is therefore an example of this type of money-earning Web site. Affiliate marketing is when one sells goods on one’s site on behalf of a third party, and gets paid a commission for every sale made. For example, one can sell Amazon products on one’s own site, in which case, one is acting as an affiliate to Amazon, and they will pay a commission on successful sales. Running advertisements such as Google AdSense is another way to monetize a site and get paid every time someone clicks on the advertisements. Other sites offer a service to their users, typically by connecting them with each other. Examples of this form of monetization are eBay that connects buyers with sellers, or dating sites. Creating on line sites that can make money is a very complicated and frustrating process. It can take several months to start seeing any profits coming in. Setting up the Web site itself is extremely relatively easy. The difficult bits are the part that comes before the actual creation of the site, i.e. finding good keywords, and what follows afterwards, i.e. marketing and search engine optimization. Of course, if you happen to make it, the prize will be your financial freedom which is well worth the trouble.

But there are no shortcuts, no magic formulas and no secret forums that will show you how to have money flow to a Web site overnight effortlessly. Most people, once they decide to start exploring Internet marketing for the first time, type ‘make money’ in Google. Videos upon videos of the so-called ‘money-making gurus’ show up in the search results. After showing their villas, cars, hot girls and multi-millionaire Paypal accounts, these promise that they can make us rich right away with some magic application, a secret casino system, a robot that can predict the unpredictable or sell us money-making sites for $79.99. I click the ‘close button’ on their offers and they tell me that I am the one: The lucky fellow who has been chosen for a special discount of $10. Try to close the window again, and the discount becomes $20, then $30, then $40, and so on until they offer their site for $1. Really? No one will sell a real, functional money site for $1. Check out the biggest marketplace for Web sites on the Internet: Flippa. A site that makes as little as $300 a month can sell for several thousands of dollars.  Be careful because, along with many honest traders, there are a lot of scammers over there trying to sell fake on-line-money- making sites that are not worth more than $9. Always use independent tools to check the true value of a Web site and visit it to find out how it is monetized.

My Web site here is about building a money-earning site from scratch without spending too much money or no money at all. The less you invest, the harder it will be to create a money-making site, but it is hundred percent possible to create a profitable site without spending a cent. Let me be clear. I am here to sell stuff like every other marketer on the Internet, mostly tools to create functional money-making sites. What I care about is getting the money. Yes, you read right: I said it. I don’t care if I make your life better or worse than it is now or about enriching the Internet with knowledge or saving the universe from General Zod. Like everyone else in our niche also does, no one excluded irrespectively of what they say, I want the cash. To achieve my goal, I am providing you with an infinite supply of free information including tutorials on how you can create a niche site hundred percent for free without paying a cent. My logic is that by supplying valuable, honest and profitable information to those of you who will never buy anything at all from me or are particularly mistrustful like I myself am to tell the truth, I will earn a good name in the ‘make money’ niche and the trust of a few people who can afford and will actually spend money here.

It is a business model based on inbound marketing. In order to make a business profitable, the most important element of the equation is traffic, i.e. getting people to visit a Web site. The product itself is not as important and crucial as generating the traffic is, although personally I feel that many Internet Marketers underestimate the importance of a good, high quality product that truly adds value to the lives of their customers. Outbound marketing, which is the way traditional Internet marketing is done involves turning a site’s traffic into visitors who become customers directly. Inbound marketing, which is the way to go forward and the true future of ecommerce, involves turning visitors into non paying fans or leads. A ‘fan’ is a user who does not spend money at the site but visits it frequently and appreciates the free content provided. This is why the content of on-line-money-making sites that rely on inbound marketing has to be extremely high quality. Fans generate buzz around the site thus increasing traffic levels and the site’s reputation, hence ensuring an optimal conversion rate from fans to clients. Cherishing all the users of a Web site, both paying and non paying, ensures success in business. If you want fans for your site and your products, you have to be creative, original, daring and offer value.

But the one thing that has never been done before, you can experience on this site, is that so far I have made zero money! [Note added on 28th November 2013: that was true when I wrote this a few days after starting up with the site. Five months later the site started making some money. Not a lot yet, but still something that is expected to increase exponentially with time.] I have studied a lot and can say that I have gathered enough resources and knowledge to claim to be an expert on the subject of niche sites, but I am at the beginning of my journey and this is where the fun really is! Instead of claiming to have made millions on the Internet, like most people do when they start this business, I am plainly admitting that I have made none. You can consider this site here as a kind of reality show. I will be updating it often. I promise to disclose all my monetizing tactics hundred percent on this blog. You will see me try, fail, struggle and succeed almost in real time. There are many people out there who have disclosed their niche creation tactics on line years after they monetized their sites, or at any rate after they have gained enough experience that they can easily monetize whatever they want to monetize. Here, I am a newcomer, sure a knowledgeable, intelligent and very determined newcomer, but still a newcomer who will make many mistakes and may, in the end, fail completely. You have the opportunity to make this journey with me either by helping me out directly or by following my footsteps and create your own site on whatever topic you wish. You can help me up for free just by sharing a link to this site on the web or on social media, or you can start on your own. Check out this article, to learn how to create your own site with step-by-step instructions and fool-proof methods!

If you are genuinely interested in starting an online business, you must admit that watching my ‘show’ should be pretty interesting and extremely instructive. You can learn both from my mistakes and my winnings. Sometimes when assessing our own efforts, our judgment tends to be biased. Watching a new entrepreneur move his first steps on line will be a remarkable opportunity for other aspiring business man, marketing and ecommerce students as well as coaches who will learn to better understand the way a beginner thinks.  I will stress again, that you do not need to pay anything at all. I explained my sales strategy earlier. All the risk is on me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you decide to bookmark this site and check out how I am doing often.

If you want to know more about me, where I come from and where I intend to go, just click here. If you don’t care and want to start building up a site or just talk business go here instead.

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    • Hi Dial,

      getting money online isn’t easy. You need to work hard for it. If you have no previous experience, I would suggest you to start out without a money earning site. One good place to make some cash is Yahoo Answers. Check out this: Yahoo Answers Tips and Tricks

      There’s a lot of tutorials and helpful starter material on my site that should help you starting up. I recommend you to have a look at those. I would love to be able to offer more help, but I need to know more about you: what are you interested in? What skills do you have? How much free time? There is no magic formula that works for everyone when it comes to making money online.

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