Affiliate Disclosure

Here is our official affiliate disclosure. I am adding this because I like to be 100% transparent with what I do here! …and because all web sites are required to add one by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), so, if I don’t, I will end up in jail. You know what happens to super-cute guys like me in jail??? Anyway, here it goes:

The Money Earning Sites Central, including all associated social media (the Facebook page, Twitter Account, Google Plus Account, Youtube and Pinterest Account), is owned exclusively by Arthur Burlo and is a For-Profit website.

Most of the products reviewed on the site or used in our tutorials are associated with offers for which Arthur Burlo obo The Money Earning Sites Central is an affiliate. This means that when a user clicks on a link on our website or our associated social media pages, the service provider or seller, for example a web hosting company, will track the user’s click and, should the user decide to sign up for the service or purchase an item being offerred for sale, they will pay us a commission fee.

Commission fees typically range from 10% to 50% of the purchase price. As such even a single sign up or purchase can represent a considerable compensation, sometimes as high as $100 per referral or more. No extra cost is transferred to the buyer, who will pay the exact same amount he or she would have paid had he/she purchased the product/service through a non-affiliate link.

Our commitment at The Money Earning SItes Central is to provide our users with fair and accurate reviews of the services or products that we advertise and to advertise only those services or products that we genuinely believe can help our users build profitable web sites or otherwise provide true “value for money” to them.

We give our commitment to our users that under no circumstance we will:

– recommend a product or service based only on the commission paid to us as opposed to its usefulness towards successfully building, ranking, promoting and/or managing “money-making” web sites.

– recommend a product or service without thoroughly testing it. This testing may be done directly by us or by our agents.

We appreciate our users’ support should they choose to purchase any services or products through our affiliate links. Any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate policies can be sent to The Money Earning Sites Central using this contact form.