A Trick to Get Instantly Approved for the Top Affiliate Programs

top affiliate programsThis week I got approved for three top affiliate programs for companies that have a reputation for being extremely selective with prospective affiliates. In one case, I was contacted by the guy in charge of approving new affiliates within minutes after finalizing my application. Do you have issues getting approved as an affiliate, yourself? If the answer is yes, read on! As marketers who want to bring value to the Internet, we want to be reasonably cautious regarding which companies we promote. I am making it a rule for myself to participate only in top affiliate programs such as Site5 and Market Samurai.These are two products which I literally enjoy promoting. Not as much for the commissions I get, but for another reason. I have personally found these two products extremely useful to me. I know that if anyone buys them based on my recommendation, they will likely be extremely happy with them too. My reputation is everything to me, since I think big. And I know that I’ll never manage to make this site the number one authority in the make money niche, if I don’t treat my visitors with the respect which they deserve. This is why I don’t want to enroll myself in mediocre schemes, such as the many that can be found on Clickbank nowadays. I only want to take part in the top affiliate programs with products that will enrich the lives of those who buy through my affiliate links. But it takes two to tango! The companies that run the best affiliate marketing opportunities on the Internet are equally selective, as much as I am. They want to deal with reputable marketers who have a great deal of traffic to their website and since I just started up, I don’t have much of that. Nonetheless, I managed to get approved in all three cases, without trying to cheat on my traffic! How did I do it? Well, I used a little trick and, of course, I am going to share it with you, guys!

The idea is simple and straightforward: in the section that says “Reason Why You Want To Work With Us” state that you are already working as an affiliate for their direct competitor. Mention that you are actually using the competitor’s product yourself and intend to keep recommending it to your customers. Don’t make it sound like you need the company. Instead, make them think that they need you! Tell them that some of your customers are unhappy with some feature of the competition, and that knowing that their product is better in regards to that feature, you are interested in offering their product as an option, to ensure the best possible experience for your own customers. In this way, you will be creating an opportunity for them to easily steal a few customers to their competitor and you’ll show that you’re reputable since you’re caring for your followers. That’s it: voilà! You’re enrolled in the top affiliate programs that will ensure making you both good cash and a solid reputation. Think about it! If someone told you that they are working for that damned competitor of yours brining in great results to them and offer to do the same for you, would you not feel like an idiot if you shut the door on their face? I definitely would.

I am not guaranteeing that this will work 100% of the time and for all top affiliate programs. It will, however, put the marketer you want to affiliate with in the right mindset, which will make it very difficult for him or her to say no to you. You are offering them, on a silver plate, customers who you would otherwise refer to their competitor, and by saying no they would totally feel as if they are “missing an opportunity“. You know what? People hate that! And we, Internet Marketers, hate it even more than anyone else. Most of the time, we spend attending to our business, we’re always thinking about the competition. How can we better them? How can we steal customers from them? How can we have their affiliates work for us? Since starting up a business, we’ve been told that beating the competition and picking up opportunities is what will take our business to the very top. Affiliate programs that matter is what these kind of companies want. They cherry pick their affiliates to have their programs be the top ones and definitely not to upset the new guy in town. So we just have to make saying “yes” worth it to them.

OK, I know you don’t want any more theory. You want facts. Here is how I filled my application for all of these three companies, exactly. I changed the names of the companies for obvious reasons. So, Suppose I want to affiliate myself with TurboHost. First, I do some research to find out who TurboHost’s direct competitor is and also find one feature from TurboHost where he beats the competitor hands down. This is the short note I added to all my applications:


I am presently using TurtleHost and advertising their service as an affiliate. I am very pleased with the hosting they provide. Presently, I have no intention of switching hosts. However, some of the customers whom I referred to TurtleHost have complained to me about their speed. I am therefore considering offering TurboHost as an alternative, to those readers who are particularly picky about a host’s performance.



That’s all. A short, straight to the point email with no fuss, no compliments and no begging. That’s what the new guy in town who is desperate to make his first buck or two with a top affiliate program would do. And you don’t want to act like, sound like or make them think that you are that guy. Do you? Begging never works! That’s why I avoided ending my message with the typical “looking forward to working with you“. Make them think that they need you and not that you need them.

If this tip helps you getting approved, leave a comment and let me know. Also, consider subscribing to “My Spam” for more tips like these. I assure you that despite it’s name, my newsletter only comes packed with great tips like this one that you will not find on the blog. My solemn promise is no more than an e-mail every fortnight and no commercial offers at all. That’s how “spam” should be, right? Have fun applying for the top affiliate programs and making some good cash with a few great companies who will make your wallet bigger and your reputation stronger. Both are needed to your success!

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