Mar 05

SEO Has Become Too Complicated for You in 2014? This Guide Will NOT Help You Do It Better!

PenguinIt will help you, however, understand it a lot better. There are so many SEO myths on the Internet these days that many gurus are using SEO as the all-new-money-making miracle. Search Engine Optimization has become complicated after Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates. Before 2012, a teenager with an $30 application could rank a site on page one of Google in a few days; today, even expert marketers find it difficult and time-consuming to do so. Many different kinds of “Gurus” exist, each trying to get our money and offering very little value in return. Some of them market their products to absolute beginners. You may check out this old article, if you want to learn more about their strategies. These gurus take advantage of their victims’ ignorance. One classic scam is the “free money-earning site”. The guru offers a website the victim for free. It’s a special website: one of those that make millions. He does it because God told him that he has to give back to others for what he received in life, or because he has a new project going on and needs people to vouch for him (so he’ll turn you into a millionaire in exchange for a review of his coaching skills), or, again, he does it because he believes in karma, etc. The truth is that the website is worthless, made from a template with no links, 0PR, etc. The guru makes the cash by having you sign up to a web hosting company for which he is an affiliate. He takes advantage of his victims ignorance since they don’t know how websites make money or how affiliate programs work. Read More to Learn About SEO Scams

Mar 01

Saturday Update 33/34: Eight Months Later

BirthdayMoney wise this has been my most profitable month. I made a little more than $400, most of them coming from oDesk and Elance jobs. In no way I consider this to be a success. It’s been exactly eight months now since I started my online adventure. I certainly haven’t succeeded. So have I failed? Is it the end? Am I destined to make it? Have the people voting “loser has no chance” chose the right option in my poll? Well, my morale isn’t that great. I went up to an average 60 uniques at the beginning of this month. Now, I am back at 30. Oddly enough, Google Webmaster Tools shows that my traffic is going up and Analytics shows that it’s going down. Honestly, I don’t understand this… My AdSense has never been as good as this month. My SEMRush value increased from 16 to 72 (now, as of writing this it’s 68). If I compare my impressions today to what they were in October (over 2000 a day versus 90 a day), it’s pretty evident that my stats are going up not down, but they are going up very slowly. In fact, at this rate, before getting enough cash to make a living online I will likely…be dead. So, have I failed? Short Analysis, Birthday, More Ranting…