Mar 29

Saturday Update 37/38: A week ago…

SleepingFunnily enough I am writing this on Sunday. Almost a week before it’s going to be published. My week will be wholly spent working at my job, hence I had to prepare my articles a lot earlier than usual. Last one has been very hectic. I almost slept for three days. I was so trashed and in pieces that I couldn’t get out of bed and the reason was: Go Daddy. You guys know that I was buying domains to flip a few websites, hoping to have my present miserable $500 per month income replaced by something more tangible (and by doing a job that won’t stress my poor sick eyes that much). Aside from the fact that buying aged domains is way tougher than I could ever imagine, the idiots at Go Daddy flagged my account sending me a stupid email, wherein they said that they were afraid that I paid with STOLEN funds and that they were going to seize my domain, sell it to someone else and lock my account. I wish I could punch someone in the face so hard to make them bleed all over! Sadly, the only thing I could do was insult my poor mom and destroy an orange against a table, then go to sleep for about three days. That means that this week I will not have much to tell. I guess I will be yelling against Go Daddy some more, and talking about domaining and the Warrior Forum. But to start with… Read What Huggins Has To Say About My Most Annoying Week Ever

Mar 26

SocialADR Review: The Final verdict: Is SocialADR Safe for SEO and How Effective is this Service?

SocialADR ReviewI have been hearing good and mixed reports on SocialADR for quite a while. Some say that it’s effective and others that it didn’t do much for them. Oddly enough, I never heard any negative reports about this service, which was a great sign. Seeing that some marketers I respect were recommending SocialADR, I decided to have a go myself at it, and I am pleased to report that I am extremely impressed with the results. One of the things that held me back from testing it thoroughly when I started my online adventure was that I could not understand exactly what the service is. Their site is a bit confusing, and, to many newcomers, the whole concept of “social bookmarking” may sound a bit weird to begin with. So before starting the actual review, I want to go a bit in detail about what this service actually does, and what it doesn’t do. If you are a social bookmarking guru already, feel free to skip the next paragraph. Click Here to Find the Whole Truth About SocialADR

Mar 19

How to Buy or Transfer a Domain and Retain Pagerank, Authority and Trust to Protect your Investment

Domain TransferThere are many reasons why expired and deleted domains may be desirable for an Internet marketer . They can give you a huge kick start for your website flipping project. A prospective buyer will be more interested in purchasing your site if it’s build on a solid, aged domain. Aged domains are always a great way to start your very own website. It saves you from having to deal with the Google sandbox effect (Google ignores sites that are built on brand new domains for a couple of months). And finally, they are used by many gray/black hats for SEO purposes. This is done by buying the domain, creating a website and putting a link to your money site on the aged domain. Whichever the reason why you want aged domains, you will want your brand new asset to retain its value. In this article, I will show you a simple technique to increase your chances to preserve the potential of the domain. First, let’s take a look at what we mean exactly by the value of an aged domain. Here Comes Another One of Those Epic Articles

Mar 15

Saturday Update 35/36: Go Daddy Sucks!

Go DaddySince I have started doing my updates bi-weekly, I feel as if I am not updating you on my progress often enough, however, I don’t feel like I have much to say. This week has been really uneventful. The past week has been way more exiting — nothing out of this world, but not as depressing as this last week. I really want to try website flipping as my next attempt to make money online. And before anyone says, “Stop starting up new things and instead try to finish what you have started! Blah Blah Blah…,” I just want to point out that after failing in flipping some domains, this was my planned step towards trying to monetize those same domains again. If the domains I got aren’t as valuable as I had been told, then the only sensible thing (other than trying to scam someone into thinking they are worth anything…which I will NEVER do), is to add value to them by doing SEO, building an actual site etc. Now, the point is I have to do that without spending too much time. I am sure that none of my domains is worth more than $100, so if it takes me like 10 days to empower them with value, I would be getting a really horrible deal. You Know What to Do

Mar 13

Advanced Secret Keyword Research Strategy to Find Highly Profitable Niches

keywor researchDo you want to learn the secret to find those secret niches that everyone claims to be making big bucks from? The following scenario may sound familiar to you: You have purchased Market Samurai, or used a similar application to find profitable keywords, but any and all niches that the applications come up with appear to be saturated. Even those not-so-profitable keywords look like they are extremely competitive and hard to rank for. First, don’t take competition at face value. To begin with, the three factors, which determine how tough any one of your competitors is, appear to be the Trust Flow, the Domain Authority and the Pagerank of the page (not the website). However, if you’re good at SEO, the true criteria that will decide your destiny are whether your competitor is doing SEO himself and how he is using his anchor text. A weak site (low TF/DA/PR) can beat a more powerful one very easily if offsite SEO is done in the right way. For example, if you see Facebook, Yahoo Answers or Wikipedia ranking on page one for your keyword, that’s a very good indication that the niche is doable. Those sites are very powerful, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone did any SEO to have those pages rank on page one for that keyword, so they likely ended up there, so to say, by accident. Anyhow, that looks like a topic that’s better left for another article. I will assume that you already know how to tell the difference between a keyword you can rank for easily and one you better leave alone. Therefore, let’s assume that the applications didn’t find any keywords you can tackle for the topic of your website. What do you do? Click Here for the Answer!