Feb 01

Saturday Update 29/30: Progress with Money Earning Sites?

ImpresionsI guess it’s official that my weekly Saturday Updates have become my bi-weekly Saturday Updates. Right now I am focusing on getting a capital to use to promote my business. Some time ago, I wrote a post about 31 tips on how to create a profitable blog. Those tips are more of a “plan”, but one that I strongly believe in. The thing is that I haven’t yet placed a check mark besides each of them, yet. In fact, I would say I have tackled like half of them, and, since I wrote that article, I came up with ten or so new ones. I think the most important goal I have to reach, in the shortest time possible, is to get a capital. As such, I have to reduce the amount of SEO and new articles I forge out every week. Rather than writing two articles and one update per week, I will have to start creating the same quantity of new material once per fortnight. The thing is writing many articles isn’t helping me out. It’s not bringing in new contacts, and it’s not making me any money. I am stating to wonder how “important” it is creating “new fresh content” every day for a blog. But anyway, let’s recap the last two weeks! Ready for my Weekly Rants?