Dec 28

Saturday Update 24/25: Domaining Scam, Eyesight Gone Wild, But still Happy Holidays, People!

farewellGood morning, everybody … or whatever time it is when you’re reading this. These have been some tough days for me, hence why the lack of updates and new content. I wish I could take better care of the site, but things are going downhill for me. Well, as they say … when the going gets tough the tough get going. Still, one also has to be realistic. As things stand now for me, there is little hope that I may manage to make it. After I got banned from that forum (in my past update from two weeks ago), I got depressed and unmotivated. However I was making it back on my feet. I went on with my plan to sell domains, registered on Sedo and Namepros, did a little SEO and wrote some articles for guest blogging (none of which were even acknowledged unfortunately). So let’s began with a recap of what happened this week! More Rants Here

Dec 24

How to Verify Google Authorship and Publisher

William ShakespeareIn this article about SEO, I discussed Google Authorship, and underlined some of its pros and cons. You should take a look at it before proceeding. If, after checking out my rants, you still want to verify your author and publisher accounts, I have put together a very detailed guide, which I am sharing with you today. First, I will explain what Google authorship and publisher are and the difference between them. Probably, you know the difference between a Facebook account and a Facebook page: An account belongs to an individual where as a Facebook page represents an entity, such as a Web site. Google Plus has similar types of accounts for individual users and pages. An author is an entity represented by a personal Google Plus account, and an author profile is linked to individual articles. A publisher is associated with a Google Plus Page and links to a Web site. I will show you how do these three things: Chew, Spit and Fart!!!

Dec 17

A List of Web Sites For Earning Money

The Money Earning Sites Central is about creating real profitable businesses with no revenue limits. In other words, it is about you building your own money-earning Web site. Many come here, however, seeking third-party sites where they may earn a buck or two to supplement their off-line income. Hence, I have compiled a huge list of Web sites, where anyone can earn some spare cash, or even replace a monthly income. Take note that I am not recommending each and every site on the list. I have not used all of these sites myself. It is up to you to check them out. The sites listed can be divided into two categories: Sites where users earn money with their skills and sites that pay anyone for monkey-work. An example of the first category would be a site that pays freelance artists for completing specific artistic tasks. Sites that pay users to search, watch videos or like Facebook pages would fall into the second category. Be careful with these kind of sites because one, normally, would have to do an insane amount of work and get paid a few pennies. The best way to make money online is to build your own website that can earn you up to five or six figures a month, if done right. Accomplishing such a task takes a lot of time, patience and effort, so, if you are in a hurry, one of the recommended sites below can help fatten some wallets. I have not included a third category in the list—affiliate sites such as Amazon, Clickbank, Google AdSense and similar sites. One needs a Web site to make money with affiliate marketing, and that topic is covered extensively in full in many other areas of The Central.


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Dec 14

Saturday Update 23: Merry Christmas To Me!

Merry Christmas To Me!To say that I feel like sh*t would be an euphemism. This has been the worst week I have ever had since … what? Well, I think that I can compare it to the day I discovered that the operation that was performed on me made my eyesight even worse and I would have to quit drawing, or when I realized that my TGR page was destined to fail, or again when I was told that my mom was going to die. No, the last one was a lot worse, probably. I can’t compare it to the day I lost P. since the pain I felt at the time is indescribable and can’t be compared to anything else. Anyhow, if you’re not understanding what I am talking about, read the story of my life. I am not in the mood of linking to it, or anything else. So look for it. it’s somewhere on the site! There’s nothing interesting in this post that will help you out with your business, so you may as well skip it altogether. Of course, you can also read it and leave a comment below to tell me how negative, pathetic, dumb and whatever else I am. Go, ahead, humanity! I don’t expect any better from you. I have taken a brake from blogging, so there really isn’t much to share this week. Let’s begin! Listening To Sad Songs While Writing

Dec 11

Introduction to Domaining

introduction-to-domainingDomain speculation, commonly referred to as domaining, is a practice that has fascinated me since the first time I heard about it. Domains are valuable because each one is unique. There is only one and only one, but it does not take a genius to figure out that the former is far more valuable than the latter. Many domains have a real or perceived commercial value, which makes them desirable. The art of domaining involves identifying valuable domains, securing them and reselling either to other domainers or to end users. In a way, this is very similar to what I had been doing on eBay for a long while many years ago. I made about $60,000 selling Transformers and Masters of the Universe toys, doubling my initial investment. I am not even counting a further $40,000 profits that I invested in other opportunities, but eventually lost. I loved doing that because I am an avid toy collector and the thrill of hunting down rarities and turning them into hard cash was very exciting and motivating. It also helped me make it through a very hard time. Eventually I had to quit because my local post office is owned by a company that has a monopoly over postal services. Some years ago, they started charging almost ten times as much as any other European post office for international shipping; this made my business uncompetitive and I was forced to quit. Domaining is great because the concept is basically the same, but there is no shipping involved. I have only recently started moving my first footsteps in this field, and I have realized two things: Some people make domaining sound easier than it really is; others make it sound like it is oversaturated and a waste of one’s time. I think both are wrong. There is money to be made in domaining, but there is an enormous amount of competition, so a good strategy is needed. Going to Namecheap and starting to type in random names to find an appealing domain that is available for registration is a laughable approach. Using Market Samurai to find keyword-rich domains and expecting to sell them for two hundred dollars each after a week or two is a little more pragmatic, but still unrealistic. Without much ado, let me illustrate my strategy. I am sharing this with you without having fully tested it out. I do not know if it will work or not. In pure Money Earning Sites Central style, I will discover this together with my readers. Join Me In This Incredible Adventure