Oct 26

Saturday Update 16: Web 2.0 SEO, Market Samurai, Check and Ultimate Web Hosting Guide

seoThis has been a very calm week for me and I have done quite a lot of work and discovered a few new SEO techniques. I still don’t feel that I am doing any significant progress money wise. I’ve been actively working on SEO for the site for three weeks. I learned many new things, all of which, obviously, I am going to share with you. Now, the site is on page one of Google for three keywords related to Yahoo Answers, on page three for ‘money earning sites‘ and it moved from n/a to page five and from page eight to page two for another two keywords. My traffic is still like four visitors per day. But I am definitely seeing progress for all my keywords. Now, I think that’s a momentous achievement! Basically, Google ranks a Web page depending on a score it gives to the page itself for a given set of keywords and an overall score it gives to the Web site (i.e. the domain) as a whole. I may not have years of experience in SEO, but I know that this is the way it works. It’s pretty obvious. You don’t need to be a genius to figure it out. There are times when all keywords improve together and other times when only one keyword improves. Also No Follow links definitely affect search engine placement as far as the single page score works. I am not sure if they affect the domain score too. I think not. Will have to do more tests to figure that out properly. Considering how much SEO has become difficult since 2011, I think I am doing well. I am seeing people, who could rank a site to number one in a week prior to Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird, and now they can’t rank at all. This is a hard time for Internet marketers. There is no question about that and things will keep getting worse. So what did I do this week?
Check Out What I Did

Oct 25

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part XIV: Optimize Images

optimizeimagesOur quest for the perfect website has finally come to an end. We began with some basic theory about domains and web hosting, in the first four chapters. Then I taught you some tricks which I use to check up web hosts, without even signing up for an account, in chapters five to nine. Finally, in chapters ten to fifteen, we are taking a look at various methods to be used to get the most out of our hosting. The aim of choosing the best possible web hosting company is to have a site that provides a great browsing experience to our visitors. To this end, good hosting, such as the one provided by Site5, needs to be coupled with a spot on website optimization. Therefore, we took a look at topics such as: easily migrating from one host to another when needed; offline editing and using cache plugins and optimizing HTML. There is one aspect of website optimization that we only briefly touched upon. And it’s probably the most important aspect of the art of pushing Web properties to an extreme: image optimization. Unoptimized images can make a site extremely slow, to a degree that even the fastest dedicated server and state of the art cache plugin won’t help at all. We’ll be taking a look at two aspects of image optimization for websites. The first and most important is how to reduce the size of your images without compromising their quality. That includes all images on your site, both images in posts and background images. The second is combing images into CSS sprites to reduce the number of requests a visitor’s browser makes to the host. Starting with the first of these two tasks, let’s consider some tools that will help with saving those precious kilobytes. We’ll check both a paid resource, Adobe Photoshop and a free Online Image Optimizer. Who Do You Think the Subject of My Pictures Will Be?

Oct 20

Saturday Update 15: So Misunderstood

phoenixSo last week was awful? Well, compared to this one, it was a great week because, I’ve never felt this bad in like a decade or two. As you guys…erm…wait… who the heck am I talking to??? No one reads or visits my blog, so why should I even write? Well, there are both the spammers and Google Bot who read me. OK, so, let me rephrase that, as you spammers and Google/Bing/Yandex bots know, I have been asking people around the Internet an opinion about my website and a good 80% of them think that it sucks. A few think I should shoot myself in the head. It’s great to have some negative feedback since that is what is needed to improve. And since I am still doing very little cash over here, improvement has to be my only goal! But, those comments do hurt a lot, at the same time. There are some legitimate complaints that I received and I will be working on those in the next few weeks. However, the biggest issue seems to be that people fail to understand the purpose and spirit of this site. And mind you, I am not saying this to play the part of the guy who is “misunderstood“. I’ll leave that to Robbie:
Who the Heck Is Robbie?

Oct 19

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part XIII: Optimizing HTML

mainimageI am sure many will argue that this topic has little to do with Web hosting and yet, if a site is poorly coded, a Web browser will have a hard time reading it. Too many lazy webmasters blame their host, when the issue is probably in the theme, the plugins or the widgets that they crafted themselves. Not even a good host like Site5, can deliver a site fast enough when coding issues are present. Hours before I wrote this article, I used the procedure that I describe below on my website. I was shocked to find out that I had twenty four issues to fix. I managed to fix all but one of them. The last one is actually an issue which Facebook is sending my way. There is a way to fix it but it’s not worth the trouble. One or two issues per page aren’t the end of the world. After I tweaked the theme, plugins and my own widgets, my site is now even faster than before! Now, bear in my mind that the issues which might crop up with HTML are so many that it’s impossible to list them and provide solutions to all of them in this tiny guide. I will come up with a few solutions to the more common ones in my Blogging Tutorials in the near future, but any step by step guide is beyond the scope of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. What I am going to do here, is show you the only two tools I use to check the validity of my HTML. If you think that the words “div“, “iframe“, “br“, “attribute” etc. are some exotic British variants of US English (or viceversa, in the event you’re British yourself), then my best advice is to head over to fiverr.com and hire some smart teenager, who will fix the mess for you. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, for someone who knows what he is doing. However, for the more computer savvy folks among you, I will be explaining how I do it, with the assumption that you already know how to edit simple HTML and PHP files. Let’s begin and optimize our pages to ensure that our code is as perfect as possible, both for functional and SEO purposes! To check out our sites, we will use the Bing Webmaster Tools and the W3C Markup Validation Service. Take note that you aren’t supposed to check the homepage alone, as this will not fix all your issues with your site. You should check all the main pages and a few sample articles. A Web site is made up of many pages; fixing one of them will not automatically fix all of them! Get Ready for More Optimization!

Oct 13

Saturday Update 14: “Another Loser” Writes Me an Email! Plus Recap of My Awful Week

Another UserI will start by saying that this has been an awful week for me, as far as my business goes, but I want to start the recap by talking about “Another Loser“. Nope, he is not an imaginary idiot like Cletus from the Simpsons or Mr Huggins. He is a real human being, that took the time to write to me to tell me what he thinks about my site! Before I go into that,I will make a premise. I have been surfing the web looking for a bit of inspiration yesterday and I came across this article. I did post a comment there, partly because I was interested in the subject and partly, because I try to leave my links anywhere I can…:( Anyhow, the comment was a rant about how my site is not getting any traffic and how I wished that someone told me what I am doing wrong. My comment actually did drive a lot of traffic to Moneyearningsites.net. I wasn’t expecting that to happen and it’s really ironical that a post where I was complaining that I have no traffic, brought me in traffic! LOL Anyhow, none of the visitors actually answered my question, except a user who was kind enough to draw my attention both directly and indirectly to two issues: 1) I will never have any success with this blog if I don’t find a way to make some money and, thus, gain some trust and 2) the scope of this blog is not as obvious as I thought. Those are great suggestions, that hopefully will help me do better – so thanks to Mark McKnight’s Blog for making them! However, I also received other feedback, directly through the contact form of my website! This time, from a user who signed himself as “Another Loser“. Let’s see what intelligent remarks this dude has left for me! Let’s See Another Loser’s Intelligent Remarks