Aug 28

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part IV: Affiliate Marketing and Hosting

Affiliate MarketingWelcome to Part IV of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide! As usual let’s start with a quick recap! We’ve seen that a shared web hosting company is one that lends a single computer to multiple customers (part I), that modern web hosts operate under various business models (part II) and that the most important features to look for in a web host, for a new business, are speed, uptime and low cost (part III). Sounds like you’re now well equipped to start exploring the world of shared web hosting to find the best companies that will take your business to the top. But there is a little problem left. Where are you going to find a reliable list of hosts on which you can test your newly acquired knowledge? I am going to show you what to do to find the best web host providers, in a moment. But first I want to tell you what you should not do: Google. Using Google to do web hosting related searches is an extremely bad idea. The only thing worse you can do in your life is adopting a teddy bear! And here is why:
For Lady Gaga’s Sake Don’t Adopt Teddy Bears

Aug 26

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part III: Must Have Features for a Shared Provider

The FlashSo far, in our quest to find the best web hosting companies, we figured out that a shared hosting provider basically lends one computer (server) to multiple clients. We’ve also seen how modern web hosts operate: starting from an ideal but unrealistic non overselling web host to the more common overloaded shared host. In order to find the best shared web hosting service which our business deserves, there are two more questions which we are left to answer. Which features are the most important among those which we should look for in a host? And how do we find out if some web hosting company we have an eye on has or doesn’t have those features? In the third part of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide, I am going to answer the first of these questions. Let me clear up one point first: different businesses have different hosting needs. What a business that has just started needs is to make a good first impression on potential customers and search engines alike. A growing business needs fresh ideas and resources to keep the current customers and fans engaged, as well as attract new ones. An established business needs a solid and efficient platform to keep serving a large customer base and enough resources to keep engaging new leads and clients. Besides the size of the business, the type of business also has to be taken into consideration: is it a blog, a forum, a content site, an eCommerce site or something more unique? While one web hosting company can be the best possible for one business model, it may end up being disastrous for another. Find Out What a Web Host MUST Provide

Aug 25

Saturday Update #7: Google Hell! Air Conditioner, Profanity, Ultimate Hosting Guide


Once more, here comes my Saturday Update (again, a day late) and this will be the most depressing of them all. My site has been wiped out off Google. Why? I have no clue. Could be the so called honeymoon effect. Google Honeymoon Effect refers to a boost, which Google gives to new sites causing them to rank well for a few weeks, after they have been sandboxed. The idea is to allow some time to the new site to build traffic and get backlinks, but if it performs poorly it is sent back to the sandbox once more. This could well be what happened to Money Earning Sites. This week I did not work at all. Well… I put down together the article on overselling and non overselling hosts but one article in a week, during which I didn’t do anything else, is way too little!!! The sandbox really put me in a depressed and sad mode and I kinda just sit in front of the PC looking at my misery and thinking “Man, you’re a loser. You’ve always been a loser and you’ll keep being a loser. Other people make money online because they have the know how, especially in dealing with other human beings and facing problems. No one likes you, like an ex friend of yours once told you: you are socially retarded!“. Well that came from a worthless agglomeration of fetid meat and stinky liquid, who takes pride in insulting women and hitting their boyfriends as they protest or driving on the road completely drunk. So, who cares?
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Aug 23

Finding the Best Web Hosting Companies Part II: Understanding Shared Hosting

Best Web Hosting CompaniesThis is part II of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide. If you missed part I you can find it here. Thanks to an insane amount of technical jargon and some funny cartoons, I tried to make a point. What a web host company does, basically is to rent you a computer where you store your website and which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. What a shared web host does is to rent one computer to multiple customers. But how effective is shared hosting? How can it be so cheap (as low as $1.99) when the cheapest dedicated servers cost over $100 each? What kind of sites can shared hosting be used for? And what exactly do shared hosting companies mean, when they claim to provide unlimited bandwidth and storage space? The answers to these and many other interesting questions will come in a moment, if you have the patience to read what follows. A few weeks ago, I was so confused about web hosting and it took me a huge effort to do a thorough research on the matter. This article consists of my findings: those truths that all companies write down in small print in their terms of service. I will expose the theory behind the way in which shared web host companies operate. The next article in the guide (that is part III) will focus on using your newly acquired knowledge to test out hosting companies and distinguish the good from the bad and the best from the worst.
Time To Learn The Truth About Shared Hosting

Aug 19

Saturday Update #6: Denied, Hosts Ordeal, We Build Your Blog, Site5, Google Mayhem and P.

Web Hosting Ordeal(Note: This Saturday update was indeed written on Saturday but I am publishing it today (Monday) due partly to the ordeal with the web hosts I had to go through last week and partly due to Saturday being the anniversary of me losing the most precious and dearest thing I ever had in my life, which filled my heart with sorrow again, as if it happened yesterday.)

Howdy Greddies, yeah from now onwards I will be calling you “Greddies“, simply because “greedy buddies” is too long so I decided that I will be fusing the two words together. 😛 Not much has been happening here apparently but behind the scenes a lot has been going on! The week started off with me writing an article to publish elsewhere, seeing that article rejected, trying to get a new host, discovering a hard truth about hosting, meeting another cool blogger, finding a great host and just minutes ago being sandboxed by Google!!! Damned Penguin! And finally today [Saturday] is the 17th August…:(
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