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Apr 16

Google Penalizes My Blog Guest Shocking Webmasters and Creating Panic Across the Web!

guest bloggingThe big guys knew that it was coming. The signs were all there that Google was going to take action against guest blogging. Some anticipated that they would be making use of Google Authorship verification as a means to track and punish guest bloggers; others thought they would go after paid and low-quality guest blogging such as the many listings selling blog posts on Fiverr or the sites offering free spun blog posts through Worpress plugins. No one though expected them to go after My Blog Guest, a site that has always tried to adhere to all of Google’s guidelines and where high-quality guest posts have always been encouraged. The idea behind My Blog Guest by Ann Smarty was pretty simple: authors provide good-quality content for webmasters, who, in exchange, would endorse the author by providing a byline with a link back to his site. There is nothing fishy about this. It’s a legit way to earn a link, since by choosing a web post to appear on his blog, a webmaster is automatically endorsing the author, and a link is therefore due. Well, Google sees it differently obviously! Click Here for More Panic!

Apr 12

Saturday Update 39/40: it’s Time to Say Goodbye?

decisionsIt appears that many more people than I thought are reading me, and every now and then I get a message or two telling me that I am negative, that I lack self confidence, that I don’t know what I am doing, etc. I guess that is what I deserve for being honest. This site is not a sales letter for idiots. If it were, I would put something like “I am making $8000 a month in the Internet and I’ll show you exactly how, step-by-step how to the same for FREE!” then I would make fake Ad Sense and PayPal screenshots and a list a number of methods (that will not work) that people can use to make money. You can bet that lots of brainless folks will be there thanking me for being cool, and they would spend money on my products thinking that they can get “my same success”. On the other hand, I might also do like more honest people do. “I plan to create an authority site that will make me $30,000 a month in three months!!!!” Then after three months, making $19.08 per month I would go on saying something such as this: “Oh, well, something went a bit wrong, but I am sure I will reach my goal in three more months. I am so enthusiast about my project. Yippe! Yippe! Yeah! Yeah!
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Apr 09

The Ultimate Passive Income Technique: Make Money Online by Selling T-shirts Online

tshirtSelling T-shirts can be a very profitable business. If you have some artistic talent and drawing skills it can be even more profitable. You don’t even need a special printer or equipment. In fact you don’t even need to keep an inventory because there are services such as that will print the shirts, ship them and even handle any issues on your behalf. The idea came to me while I was watching YouTube videos. Almost all the popular vloggers out there get t-shirts as gifts from their subscribers, and, every time they find one in the mail, they look so happy and enthusiast about the new gift which they just received! Even one of my friends once sent me some t-shirts as a gift. People love t-shirts! They love expressing themselves using their clothes, they love giving cool t-shirts to the people they care about, and they love art. Since portraits, graffiti and artwork in general are readily available on the Internet for free, selling prints and original artwork on the Internet is a very tough job. Many people have high-quality laser printers or Ink-jets that can do any paper-printing job professionally, and let’s face it: when it’s for personal use, no one cares about copyrights. T-shirts are a different story though. A special printer is needed to print on clothing and this costs several grand. The average Joe doesn’t have one in the basement, so people will still invest in shirts. Keep in mind , however, that there is a lot of competition out there. So to be successful in this business, we need to be creative, original and appeal to the widest possible audience. How do we do that?
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Apr 02

Do You Need a Mentor or a Better Analysis of Your Business? My Outrageous Response Deleted on Warrior Forum by the Mods!

mentoringLast week, I was on the Warrior Forum and came across an intellectually stimulating discussion. Since it was starting to get heated up the mods decided to delete the thread. They didn’t have much choice, I guess. I did bring in some of that heat to it myself, so I hope that the opener accepts my apologies for causing him so much trouble. Anyhow, the guy wants a mentor, but he proposed to pay in monthly installments according to the progress he makes. Needless to say, his reasonable request caused an outrage from all the gurus on the forum. “What? You want to pay for the results? Man, anyone knows that we’ll just give you a pat on the back and you WILL NOT get any results with us! Pay us beforehand a good grand or two. None of us wants to lose our time with ya!” Well, although I used quotation marks, that’s not exactly what they said, but a lot of blah, blah, blah aside, that was the clear and unequivocal message that could be clearly read in between the lines of their responses. To which I replied like this:

Mar 29

Saturday Update 37/38: A week ago…

SleepingFunnily enough I am writing this on Sunday. Almost a week before it’s going to be published. My week will be wholly spent working at my job, hence I had to prepare my articles a lot earlier than usual. Last one has been very hectic. I almost slept for three days. I was so trashed and in pieces that I couldn’t get out of bed and the reason was: Go Daddy. You guys know that I was buying domains to flip a few websites, hoping to have my present miserable $500 per month income replaced by something more tangible (and by doing a job that won’t stress my poor sick eyes that much). Aside from the fact that buying aged domains is way tougher than I could ever imagine, the idiots at Go Daddy flagged my account sending me a stupid email, wherein they said that they were afraid that I paid with STOLEN funds and that they were going to seize my domain, sell it to someone else and lock my account. I wish I could punch someone in the face so hard to make them bleed all over! Sadly, the only thing I could do was insult my poor mom and destroy an orange against a table, then go to sleep for about three days. That means that this week I will not have much to tell. I guess I will be yelling against Go Daddy some more, and talking about domaining and the Warrior Forum. But to start with… Read What Huggins Has To Say About My Most Annoying Week Ever